After last nights accidental trip to the pub I came home and polished off the last of the Christmas Baileys. If I’m going to fall of a wagon I like to do it properly.

Still, I woke up this morning and went out first thing to do another short run before I had chance to be distracted by work and other unimportant things.

MY GOD IT WAS HARD. I’m smiling but I don’t mean it.


I did the route “backwards” again, which is a direction henceforth to be called “forwards” as it occurs to me it makes far more sense in that direction, to start with a nice long downhill to warm up rather than heading round the corner into that short but evil incline from hell. It does mean there’s still a big uphill at the end, but in theory I should be in my stride by then and all warmed up. Right?

Not today.

I don’t know if it was the fact that I’m slightly achey still from all the extra weight those evil monkeys added to the circuits stuff over Christmas, or all the Baileys and Beer from yesterday, or the fact that I went out straight from bed with no breakfast and I hadn’t taken my inhaler yet this morning, but I REALLY struggled. I felt heavy legged and I couldn’t keep my breathing even and steady.

It was rubbish. And some of those collared doves freaked out again and made me jump so high I nearly bashed my head on THE SUN.

Those negative running voices paid me a visit for the first time in ages as well “I bet you couldn’t even run any further than 1.5 miles at all” they said, even though I know that’s not true, I just might have to do it quite slowly. So I managed my 1.5 miles, in an average pace of 10’53”, which is slower than New Years Day when I stopped 3 times. Not that it matters, but, y’know, it felt hard. It was hard today.

IMG_5996But I went anyway. And I got another 1.5 miles to stack on my Nike+. So #winning

In case you are doubting the delicious symmetry of running exactly 1.5 miles every day, here’s a screen shot from my app. Mmmm, lots of 1.5 miles.


Tomorrow I am DEFINITELY back at Roller Derby, not the pub, oh no.