You’ll be pleased to know that my pain in the bum has subsided slightly after taking yesterday off and about 20 minutes with my foam roller this morning,the right buttock, however, has decided it wants in on the action too and is now also aching. Still I prefer to ache symmetrically, at least that means it’s most likely DOMs rather than anything more sinister.

It did make Roller Derby training today a bit of a challenge as those muscles come out to play a lot for things like plough stops, sprinting and getting up from falls. Still, I’m sure all my team mates enjoyed watching me skate round rubbing my bum and complaining about my butt pain. How could they possibly not?

Helmets, really not sexy.

IMG_6063We actually started todays practice with a circuit training session. At the moment we are working on balance and core strength. One legged squats make me realise how much I’ve been neglecting the ankle rehab exercises I meant to keep doing as I definitely felt a lot weaker on my left leg that I sprained last Summer. Bad Gemma, must do rehab.

Once we got on skates todays practice was great fun, despite the achey buttocks. As a newly formed B Team it’s really exciting to be working on things that will help us work together in future games. We did some wall drills on taking and holding the front and controlling pack speed which were both useful and fun. A rare combination!


My breathing got the better of me in the last drill where we were working on swarming and I had to sit out the last few minutes, which was hugely frustrating. I’m hardly unfit, so I find dropping out of drills and getting so exhausted a bit upsetting. I’m staying positive though, and hoping once I shake the end of this chest infection I’ll be able to properly get it under control again and then I shall be totes awesome again. Oh yeah.

And that lovely readery type people, was Janathon Day 17. Core and Balance Circuits and 2 hours of Roller Derby training. Oh, and a walk round Tesco to buy glamorous things like, er, eggs and cheese.

Tonight I will be eating steak, because it’s Saturday and I feel like a treat.