I love having a blog, I can witter on about my random injuries as much as I like and no one can stop me, muhahahahahahahah!

Anyway, now I’ve finished evil laughing you’ll all be fascinated to know that I tried a new tactic with my persistent bum ache today. Instead of aggressively foam rollering and stretching the shit out of it, I let it rest, sat on a heat pack all day, and got up once an hour to gently stretch and roller my quads.

I was down to coach at 6:30pm and I have to say my leg felt a little weak during coaching, and by the end of warm up I felt like rubbish, I felt a bit out of control and I think I got stuck in my own head obsessing about how rubbish I was, but lo, once I dragged myself out of my head my leg at least gave me barely any gip at all, just a little weak. So lesson learned, be nice to your aching muscles rather than trying to bully them better.

Todays post workout selfie is bought to you with a photobomb by Wild Honey, Applebite, and a slightly blurry Cat O’Gore Eyes.

IMG_6117Once I’d got out of my own head the obsession that I was an appalling player and was going to kill someone or myself by being out of control and rubbish, scrim was fun, exactly like it should be!

I don’t feel I played particularly well today, especially toward the end when I started to lose focus, but I’m really loving working with my new team mates and actually starting to think strategy. It’s a pretty awesome feeling to know that in March our first game as a team is scheduled and that’s what we’re working towards.

Behold the Funkyness of the Nike Pro Fade Training Capris, and my massive knees.

IMG_6116Of all the things I thought might drop me this evening random bum aches, ankles of glass, dodgy lungs (which are DEFINITELY improving, which is good!) what I wasn’t expecting was to be casually chatting about strategy off the line and then be dropped to the floor by a foot cramp that meant I had to take my skate off and rub it better! Ah well, if there’s a piece of my body that hasn’t randomly betrayed me yet then it’s a piece I don’t even have a name for.

I also discovered that carefully calorie counted Body Chef diet plans are NOT appropriate for playing 3 hours of intense sport, so I took a gel I had in my bag half way through the evening when I started feeling faint. You need to fuel properly for exercise people!

3 hours of Roller Derby, not bad for a Thursday, just 9 days left and I’ll have defeated my second Janathon!

Now if you don’t mind I’m off to sit on a heat pack.