Roller Derby practice is normally on a Saturday afternoon, this means I like to keep Friday nights a *little* restrained so I can actually function on Saturday.

This week the session was moved to later, so we didn’t start till 7:30pm and finished at 10. Well, the evil little part of my brain thought, “surely any hangover will be long gone by then”, so last night we went to the pub accidentally managed to drink 4 bottles of wine between the 2 of us, and then I fell asleep on the sofa and missed all of 8 Out of Ten Cats does Countdown when we got back.

Thankfully I didn’t feel as bad as I deserved today, so we made the most of the whole Saturday free by heading into town to hit the shops meaning I’d hit my 10,000 steps by lunch time, yay me!


Practice started with core and balance circuits again, then a bit of a warm up, before a session focusing largely on different wall drills. It was quite intense at times and I played jammer for the drills quite a few times, but, and this is possibly the most exciting thing ever, I didn’t have to sit out because of my breathing at all. I mean I was knackered, really knackered, and I want to get that fitness back so I’m not. But I didn’t have to sit out because I couldn’t breathe, and that makes me really happy.

REALLY happy.

Whatever you’re imagining, I’m happier than that.

IMG_6143I left feeling pretty hyped up, meaning that it is now 10:30, my husband is thinking about bed time, and I’m climbing the walls and yabbering. Yayayayayay!

I shall now be drinking coconut water and eating an oat and raspberry traybake courtesy of Bodychef while I calm myself down enough to sleep before another busy workout filled day tomorrow!