You know, I’ve just spent a good 20 minutes trying to come up with a pun containing the word scrim, and all I could do was keep singing “scrim, scrimeny, scrim, scrimeny, scrim, scrim, sceroo” to the tune of “Chim Chimeny” from Mary Poppins, and that is way too long and takes far too much explaining for a blog post title.

As you may assume from that opening paragraph, tonight was scrim night with the Norfolk Brawds.

But first, I went up to coach, which apparently this evening involves being hit, hard, repeatedly by nearly signed off skaters. I expect arm bruises tomorrow.

Today I have green teeth….


I always find the warm up on scrim nights scarier than scrim itself. I’m not a fast skater and I struggle doing skills really fast, so having to skate and speed and do something when I’m told always puts me on edge a little. Scrim itself, though, is fine. We might pick up speed and be fast at times, but no one is shouting “DERBY STOP” at me and forcing me to attempt transitions in a moving pack.

I am, however, attending a “need for speed” bootcamp in February, so watch out people, I’m coming to get you!

Tonights scrim went really well, I really love the feeling of us coming together and working as a team.


I do have to mention that a particular personal highlight of tonights scrim was the point at which I tried to hit the jammer and missed so totally that I was half way into the middle of the track before I’d realised I wasn’t going to meet any resistance. Ah well, you win some, you lose some!

I also took the pivot pantie this evening, my breathing still isn’t perfect, but it’s massively improved and I need to get over the mental block I’ve given myself over jamming. So easing myself back in by being pivot was a great way to do it. I even took a star pass at one point (the jammer can pass her helmet cover to the pivot, meaning they take over as jammer). It was seconds before the jam ended, but was the most terrifying few seconds of my night!

Now I pretty much ache all over, so I’m going to bathe in deep heat (and have a cheeky glass of wine)

2 days to go…..