So, today was probably my last run of Janathon, and it was a lovely day for it. Crisp and cold, but bright. Cold enough for me to take my new showerproof hoodie that Mountain Warehouse sent me out for a spin. Honestly it would need to be really cold for me to be able to run in it, I am a hot person and even in todays freezing air I was a little warm, but it is an ace top with a hood, and showerproof apparently, though I didn’t get to test that today!

I like how in this picture my running hat blends into the sky making me look like I have lost half my head.


Today I terrified at least 3 people with my heavy breathing as I came up behind them. I’m trying really hard to keep my breathing deep and even, especially when I get tired and it gets harder as I think it’ll help me keep my breathing under control in fast jams at Roller Derby as well and hopefully mean I have to sit out less.

So IN 2-3 OUT 2-3 was what I heard in my head as I lugged myself round my mile and a half route and apparently “OMG there’s a serial killer behind me!” was what 1 old man, 1 dad and his daughter on bikes and one schoolgirl thought when they heard my heavy breathing and ponderous tread.

They did calm down considerably once they’d jumped round in fight or flight mode and saw it was just a middle aged woman in a stupid hat out for a run.

Speaking of the run, here is todays.


I’ve been trying to sprint up the short uphills on these shorter runs, but that last big hill just killed, me, I tried to keep running but as I neared the top I suddenly realised I was walking for 2 or 3 stops while my body just rebelled. 10’16” miles is about my third fastest on this route this Janthon though, so I’m happy with that, for now!


I was super sore and achey after last nights scrim, so I also decided to treat myself to 20 minutes of yoga to get everything moving again. Ah it’s bliss! And now a hot bath, oh Gem, how you spoil yourself.