Before I started Roller Derby I never had a kit bag. I had “my running kit” and some random helpful stuff I kept at home. A lot of these things are the same things I had then, but now they have been upgraded into the contents of a kit bag.

None of these are sport specific, whether you play Roller Derby, another team sport, spend a lot of time in the gym, or run, this is the stuff that I find really helpful to keep around!

Rock Tape


I’ve tried other brands of athletic or kinesiology tape and not found them as good. The adhesive on rocktape seems strong enough to last at least 3 days, even on difficult areas like feet! On my knee it lasted over a week.

If you have a long term injury then it’s worth buying a permanent support. If, like me, you’re prone to niggles and random injuries and aches and pains then Rocktape has the flexibility to provide some support to any area of your body.

Personally I favour the tattoo print, but you can buy it in team colours as well!

Buy it on eBay

Energy Gels


If energy gels aren’t your thing then stash a couple of cereal or other type of snack bars in your bag. I stick gels in the top of my kit bag so I know they’re there and not out of date if I start flagging part way through a session. Snack bars or gels are also handy at home to have shortly before you head out for a run, or for a quick snack when you get home if it’s not quite time for dinner and you weren’t organised enough for “proper” food.

I like Gu Vanilla Bean gels, because they’re bloomin lovely and don’t upset my stomach.

Electrolyte Tablets

Under most circumstances water is all the hydration you need, but if it’s particularly hot and humid, or if you’re a particularly sweaty person, then you might need to add some electrolytes. Plus, they taste a lot nicer than plain water. I always keep a tube in my bag and my preferred brand is Science in Sport Go Hydro.



Lip balm for chapped lips, lubrication for chafed areas (I understand male runners use it on their nipples, my sports bra has saved me from this necessity), you can also use it as a barrier to stop sweat dripping into your eyes. Vaseline is the ultimate multipurpose kit bag essential! I also carry mentholated one as I find it helps me breath easier if I use it under my nose!


Because sometimes random bits hurt, and having some Ibruprofen in gel or tablet form to hand can make all the difference!

Do you have any other kit bag essentials?