I can tell it’s nearly the end of May because there is rain beating on my windows.

As ever I was lulled into a false sense of security by early sunshine, and then sorely let down as I convinced myself this was Summer. Still, my optimistic personality (stop laughing!) means that I am convinced more super sunny days suitable for Pimms and Picnics is just around the corner, and therefore I have frocks on my mind.

So, these are some of my favourites I have featured on All the Dresses this month that would be in my wardrobe RIGHT NOW, if I were made of money.

George at Asda Lemon Print Dress

It’s Lemons! I love it!

As I write sizes in this are limited, but like much of the good stuff at Asda it comes in and out of stock, so keep an eye out!

lemon dress

Lolliop Print Off the Shoulder Dress

I love this, but would probably wear it a little more fitted than the model in the picture. It reminds me of the sort of thing I used to wear in the 80s. Considering I was under 10 then, it’s maybe it’s not the sort of thing I should be wearing now. But hey, kid me had awesome style!

lollipop dress

Tulle Polka Dot Midi Dress

For a while I couldn’t figure out if, or why, I liked this, but then I decided I did and it didn’t matter why. I think it’s got a bit of an 80s does 50s feel. Maybe a bit Madonna in black lace gloves, but updated and a bit more modern day glam. I don’t know. I think it’s cool and I want to wear it with red lipstick, a red belt and red shoes.

polka dot tulle dress

Pleated Midi Dress

This one feels like a holiday dress. The sort of thing you’d put on your slightly sunburned skin, even though you carefully wore suncream all day, and go out for cocktails. Not that I’ve had that sort of holiday for nearly 10 years, but if I did, I’d take this dress.

Coral Pleated Midi Dress


Coral Floral Swing Dress

I have this dress in red, and I just love the style, so to see it in florals made me happy! I think this is a great Summer wedding/garden party/races dress, if you’re the sort of person who happens to go to that sort of thing. I have no idea if coral suits me, but it’s an unusual colour so I love it on that basis!


Fairy Atomic Flamingo Print Doll Dress

I normally try not to include stuff that’s down to just one size remaining in round ups, but I couldn’t resist this, and it might be back in stock soon! In the mean time Collectif still have this in a size 10. I have the Dolores version of this dress, with sleeves, and I have it in a 10, it’s got a lot of stretch, so if you normally wear a 12 it’s worth a look! I just love this print, it’s so amazing, but ever since mine arrived the weather has been too rotten to wear it. Booo!


Have a fabulous weekend!