Well hello! I’m ummed and aahed for ages about whether to take part in Juneathon this year, and then suddenly decided right at the very last minute that I would, signed up, and here we are.

It seemed like a good idea as currently I am taking part in a “Fit for Chips” challenge within my Roller Derby league where we accrue points for exercise and the team with the most points at the end gets free burgers, which is totally fine as we’ll be doing so much exercise we’ll have burnt them all off already.

So, this morning, on the first day of Juneathon, I woke up in a hotel room on Potters Holiday Resort after consuming excessively large amounts of wine, a 5 course meal and a midnight “snack” (which was definitely just another meal). This, of course, is always the best way to start a month of daily exercising.

Thankfully being at Potters meant that instead of a head shaking, leg wobbling run I could start Juneathon with a slightly more hangover friendly swim in the resort pool.


I could also take advantage of the even more hangover friendly steam room. So that was nice.

I swam for about half an hour. There were other people in the pool. I’m not really good with other people. The only other place I swim is in hotels where the pool is almost invariably completely empty during the day, but people on holiday inexplicably have time to use the pool at the same time as I do so they were doing irritating things like using it to swim in in the exact places I wanted to swim. How thoroughly unreasonable some people are.

Someone also tried to engage me in conversation in the Steam Room. There should be some kind of badge you can wear that says “I am a miserable git and want to sit quietly on my own and not chat”


There being actual other people in the pool also made my post swim face and feet photography, which is now a June and Janathon tradition, a little more tricky. I couldn’t take them poolside, so had to surreptitiously hide round a corner in the changing room to snap photos of my soggy face and feet. I then promptly dropped my phone into a puddle of water, but you’ll be glad to know it survived unscathed.

On my leg, by the way, is not a real tattoo, it’s a temporary tattoo from Sioou that managed to survive showers, leg shaves, steam rooms and swims, so I hope it actually comes off at all.

I was planning to do some more exercise later on, but frankly all that wine is still urging me to go to bed and eat a massive Chinese takeaway, so today will have to live with just one point earned.

And that was how I started Juneathon 2015.

Points earned: 1

Hangovers: 1