Do you know what, I felt pretty awesome when I headed out to run to the gym today. It’s only a mile and a half, much of it down hill (apart from the last quarter mile which is up a mountain) but I tend to do it at not too fast a pace as I know I have a workout afterwards.

Today I felt all sporty and strong and speedy, and I thought I was going at a steady, slowish pace, but my awesomeness obviously got the better of me as when I stopped I actually rain it in a speedy (for me) average pace of 9’41”.

“Well”, I thought, “I am obviously just too awesome today” but I obviously spent all my awesomeness on that short run as todays circuits were stupid hard.

I mean, they weren’t really, they were the same sort of stuff we do every week with the Brawds trainer Paul D’Muscle. Challenging, but doable. Except today I was all breathless and weak and feeble and just COULD NOT get my breath back. I think it might have been a combination of eating my pre-workout snack too early, and the fact that it was a bit humid and that messes with my asthma sometimes, but srsly folks. I felt all feeble.

Still, despite my feebleness I made it round the circuits 3 times AND across the monkey bars using that walking swing technique that other people make look cool, rather than the panicky swing and grab technique I normally use. Go me!


You will also see it is glasses day today, and not even nice cats eye glasses day, boring square glasses day. I hate working out in glasses, they steam up, slip down your nose and generally suck. They also, apparently, meant that none of my team mates recognised me when I walked into the gym, so obviously they turn me into Clark Kent.This is probably why circuits were hard, I can only do awesome circuits as Super Gem, not my mild mannered rubbish glasses wearing alter ego.

I was going to run home as well, seeing as I felt so awesome this afternoon, but I was knackered, so started walking instead. I was also, however, really bored and desperate to get home, so in the end I actually did run part of the way just to make it go quicker. Boredom overcomes laziness, for once.


And so, that was day 3 of Juneathon done and now I am going to eat pasta and bolognaise for tea because I am starving and should probably have eaten before I decided to write about Juneathon.

Points Earned so far: 6

Miles Run: 2.5

Times I had to wipe sweat off my glasses: A Gazillion