Being sensible sucks.

After being pummelled yesterday my back is much looser, but still very stiff. I did 20 minutes of Yoga this morning, and then spent the next 2 hours trying to decide whether I was fit to do Roller Derby practice today.

Ultimately seeing as I can’t tie my shoelaces without help, I decided the risk of getting hit around was too great and I needed to rest today, so I went to practice off skates.


Honestly, I was utterly gutted. We were doing the Roller Derby Fitness test today, we take it every 6 weeks. I’ve worked really hard over the last 6 weeks and was really hoping to see lots of improvement in the test. Boo, still, I have 6 weeks to really kick arse in the next one!

We also covered some offense practice today, which is something I really wanted to work on. But at least off skates I could still take in some tips.

I also wore a nice frock practice, because if I don’t have to get all sweaty skating I might as well make an effort, right?

Now, I am off to catch a train to London in advance of tomorrows Nike Women’s 10k, which I am REALLY looking forward to!