My brain at the moment is mostly full of booze.

With a trip to Oktoberfest approaching, and Norwich Cocktail Week on the way, basically the only other thing I have time to think about is Roller Derby. The inside of my head is a very weird place to be right now.

That said, if I do find time to think about other things I can no doubt relate them back to booze or Roller Derby in some way, and ever since I invested in the Voodoo Vixen cocktail cardigan for last years Cocktail Week I’ve had a dream in my little fancy dress loving head that I will spend the whole of Cocktail Week rocking a variety of glamorous cocktail themed outfits.

Funds, of course, will no doubt not allow, but I have been hunting down some fantasy cocktail based outfits. With my current cardigan I think I can fill 5 days of the week, so if you’ve spotted any other cocktail printed goodies then let me know!

Voodoo Vixen Estie

This is the dress partner to my Voodoo Vixen cardigan and is so cute! I don’t know how the puff sleeves will deal with my arms but the fact it has sleeves at all makes it ideal for October weather, and I do love green.


Lindy Bop Audrey Pink Glass

I don’t normally do pink, but I’ll make an exception for cocktail glasses! I’d probably toughen it up a bit with a leather jacket and some kick ass shoe boots that I can’t walk in.


Victory Parade Full Skirt

Big thanks to Crinoline Robot for the heads up on this one on my last post! I have to say that after years of being a devoted dress fan for easy one stop dressing, I have recently started to develop an attachment to skirts. Probably because I am amassing a large collection of t-shirts with the necks cut out that it’s fun to wear! The print on this is so awesome I might be having dreams about it. I couldn’t possibly say.


Banned Clothing Cocktail Cardigan

If there’s room in my life for one cocktail cardigan, there’s probably room for 2, right? Thankfully Banned also do a Cocktail option that’s been on my wish list since last year as it happens.


So, if I happen to win the lottery before Cocktail Week that’s 5 days down and 3 to go. I guess I COULD repeat outfits, but really, where’s the fun in that?

Any suggestions to fill those last 3 days?