All being well this week I will be heading off on my holiday to Oktoberfest in Munich for a few days, which means as you read this I will probably be packing, picking up Euros and generally doing all the other slightly panicky things one does before one goes on holiday.

On Friday I went out to lunch, and I thought snapping a few outfit photos before I went out would make a nice no brainer blog post to write while I was distracted by holidays!

ASOS Dress

Sadly there is nothing much interesting about this outfit at all, so maybe I was wrong. You’ve seen the dress before once, and the shoes twice, here and here, and even the brooch has had at least two outings!

Still you can’t wear new stuff ALL the time, and I’ve never worn them in exactly this way before.

Green Shoes

brooch and bracelet

Sadly, I was once again photobombed by a cat. I swear it sits in wait for when I try and snap a few photos and comes and usurps me and distracts my photographers attention. Apparently the cat is way cuter than me, even in green and gold shoes.



On Friday morning the weather was absolutely glorious, I even wondered as I walked down the road if I could have made the most of it and chosen one of my Summer frocks for a last outing. I hopped along in the sunshine, enjoying a rare outing for my favourite and brightest shoes, and the fact that my new strapless bra means my bardot neckline dress is actually bardot neckline, with no bra straps on show. I was running a little late for lunch, so I arrived warm and flustered, enjoyed a delicious lunch, several cocktails, and a fancy display of Flair bartending at a TGI Fridays. Then I looked up at 3pm as I was about to leave, to see a torrential downpour, and I mean TORRENTIAL.

Black Bardot Dress

Me and my very expensive green suede shoes were very unhappy about this torrential downpour. Fortunately I had a pair of emergency flats in my bag, and managed to persuade Mr Chick to come out in the rain and rescue me from what would otherwise have been a very soggy walk home.

So today’s lesson is, “Never trust the British Weather, especially in September” which is a lesson you’d think I’d have learnt long ago. Or maybe today’s lesson is “Stay away from Cats who want in on your photos” though I feel that has less practical applications. Or maybe, “Always carry spare shoes”. Or maybe there are no lessons, just a quick outfit post full of things you’ve already seen, but not *exactly* like this.

♥ Dress – ASOS ♥ Belt – eBay ♥ Shoes – Dessine Moi Un Soulier *♥
♥ Brooch and Bracelet – Vintage ♥