Ok, So I think by now we’ve established that I have QUITE enough Christmas things in my wardrobe, thank you very much.

Except, well, whenever I see stuff I just can’t resist it. My heart skips a little beat and even though I know that I totally can’t justify any more clothing that I can only wear for 4 weeks our of 52 I NEED IT RIGHT NOW.

Today I thought I would share with you 5 Christmas Dresses that are on my wish list of totally unnecessary, but oh so essential Christmas purchases.

The Renee Alpine Twin Set

This is a beautiful dress, with a little matching jacket in a very cool green Alpine print. There’s also a skirt and another style of dress, but they only have size 6 left. This set is also down to limited sizes, so snap it up quick!


The Holly Berry Fleur

I bought the Christmas Baubles Fleur a couple of years ago, and secretly really want this one too, but I have the green fans Fleur as well, so it feels like I would be duplicating. The Fleur dresses really are awesome, they’re comfortable to wear, and the wrap style means they’re accommodating for large Christmas lunches, plus, they have pockets. Dresses with pockets are always a winner! This one is also reduced at the moment with about £25 off, so also a bargain!

The Snowflake Lydia

Lydia is one classy Christmas chick in her chic wiggle dress with subtle snowflakes. I imagine she drinks Martinis with breakfast. She also has a sister Bernadette, with a fuller skirt, who I imagine drinks Snowballs garnished with cherries. I would love either of these dresses and seeing as snowflakes aren’t technically Christmas specific I reckon I could get away with this one for at least 8 weeks of the year instead of 4.

Snowflake Dress

Noelle Snowflake Dress

It’s ok people, classy Christmas is over and we’re back in the land of dresses sprinkled with woodland animals and snow! Hell Bunny have come up trumps with the Noelle dress, and the matching Noelle cardigan that actually made my heart skips a beat with it’s embroidered back panel of a deer with holly and bells. I’ve actually just bought a hair clip from Cassy Fry on DePop that looks very similar, I don’t know if it was originally Hell Bunny?

Hell Bunny Christmas Dress

Bernie Dexter Winter Wonderland Dress

Last, but by no means least, is a dress that I first spotted about 3 or 4 years ago, and have wanted to buy every Christmas since. I haven’t, obviously, because my family want gifts that aren’t pictures of me in a Christmas frock (selfish) and if I spent this much on a dress I could only wear once or twice a year they wouldn’t get any. Still, if you do have a little more to spend, or want to drop hints to someone to buy it for you as a present, then this is SO gorgeous.


We all know I’m a massive lover of theming an outfit (well, some of you probably do, the rest of you probably just came for the frocks) and Christmas is like the ultimate opportunity! How do you feel about Christmas themed clothing? Are you a fan or can you not wait for Christmas to be over so I stop banging on about it?