Technically the 12 days of Christmas starts on Christmas Day.

I know this, but when I started pondering whether I had enough festive clothing to do 12 days of Christmas Outfits it immediately occurred to me that I would be absolutely totally sick of wearing reindeer antlers and bauble clutch bags by the 6th of January. Instead I decided my 12 days of Christmas Outfits would run for the 12 days before Christmas, and finish on Christmas Day itself.

So, I have gathered together my disturbingly vast selection of Christmas clothing, plus all the extra accessories and clothes that are just quite festive rather than specifically festive themed, and I have challenged myself to wear and photograph one every day till Christmas. I suspect rather a lot of them will be in front of my fireplace, so you better get used to it!


Todays outfit features the worlds least flattering dress. It originally had a high neck as well, but I chopped it off. It was astonishingly cheap. Which possibly isn’t surprising as it’s a red body con sleeveless dress with a reindeer on the front. It was hardly going to be haute couture.

When I posted on my Facebook page about the idea last week, Forever Amber told me she’d had a similar idea, and I notice she started yesterday (which makes way more sense now I think about it as she won’t have to be blogging on Christmas Day, doh!) I notice her Day 1 includes a gold sequin skirt, where as mine features a dress with a huge comedy reindeer on the front, so I think we can safely assume we will at least have different takes on the concept! I can’t guarantee all of my 12 days of outfits will be so astonishingly tacky and festive, some of them may almost verge on the classy, you never know.

I paired my reindeer dress with those fabulous red suede Chie Mihara shoes and a holly hair grip from Siofra Connor Millinery.


You might also notice, if you pay attention to such things, that I have had a hair cut and finally coloured my roots. For those of you that miss the old days when I couldn’t see past my fringe and had roots almost as long as my hair, I did manage to quickly film a video for that no backcomb beehive, so expect to see that popping up before Christmas when I finish cringing and edit it!

So, just 11 more Christmas outfits to go. Will tomorrow be tasteful or tacky? You’ll have to come back to find out!

♥ Dress – Somewhere cheap online! ♥ Shoes – Chie Mihara ♥
♥ Holly Hair Clip – Siofra Connor Millinery