Now, really this should just be one of those “things I tried” posts that I planned to write every month.

The truth is that over the last couple of months I’ve been sent some really cool things to try, that I meant to write about, then it was SO busy, and I never got chance, so I’m doing them now.

Conveniently many of them make awesome Christmas Gifts, so, I decided it wasn’t too late to tell you about them. There’s also some stuff that’s NOT so great for Christmas gifts, but I will still tell you about them, just maybe after Christmas when we’re all planning our New Year health kicks!

The Daily Greatness Training Journal

This book is simply awesome if you’re serious about setting yourself goals and working towards a training plan. At the front it talks you through how to set goals, with a lot of activities to help keep you focused and space to create a 12 week training plan.

Then it turns into a daily diary that guides you through recording activities that helped both your mental and physical fitness that day.

Limonoso Fruit Infusing Water Bottle


This comes in a selection of funky colours, is BPA free, and allows you to drink something a bit more exciting than plain water while you’re at the gym, or even on your desk at work. Adding fruit, I have apple here, makes it a bit more flavourful, but you can also add things like fresh mint or ginger which are great for your metabolism, or for settling your stomach.

Tribe Box Subscriptions

Tribe Boxes

I really enjoy trying new healthy snacks. When I spot an exciting new protein bar in a health food shop I get all excited. I know, it’s amazingly tragic. My kit bag is always stuffed with a variety of goodies to keep me going between games, and it’s good to have some variety in your life. Tribe boxes are the perfect way to try new things that you might not otherwise spot. Every month they will send you a box containing a mix of recovery and energy snacks. You can also buy 2 or 4 month subscriptions as gifts.

Flip Belt



This arrived in a pack of goodies from Runners Need and is also available in blue, black and purple. It’s basically a wide stretchy belt that you can wear around your hips while running. It won’t bounce around and annoy you like a bum bag can, and you can keep gels, money, your phone and keys in it. It even has a little lanyard clip to keep your keys attached to you.

Feetures Elite Running Socks


Because socks for Christmas is totally a thing. I find this quite an amusing gift for the runner in your life! These also came from Runners Need, and they quickly became my favourite sports sock, I wear them for Roller Derby a lot and I seem to get a lot less problems with foot cramp as they are supportive on the arch of the foot, they also have padding in high impact areas for runners, but aren’t really bulky. Quality sports socks are expensive and wear out quicker than you think, so this is a gift that will really be appreciated!