You’ve heard of Christmas Jumpers, you’ve probably even heard of Christmas Dresses, but I have so much Christmas stuff that I officially own an actual Christmas Blouse now.

The Christmas blouse came from Heyday! Vintage Style and has candy canes on it, this particular pattern is no longer available, but they do have the same blouse in a 50s Gift Wrap print which is also pretty cool.

Do you know I’ve actually created a special list for all my Christmas outfits and my biggest issue is now whether I will actually be able to fit ALL my Christmas stuff, including accessories, into just 12 days. I’m not buying ANY more Christmas stuff. (except possibly this skirt, except it might not get here till after Christmas, which would mean I was planning ahead, like I did when I bought the bauble bag. That’s positively responsible, right?)


This skirt has been in and out of the sale pile for about 5 years. I’ve actually only worn it three times, but every time I think about selling it I think, “but then I won’t have a green pencil skirt”, which seems like the sort of thing I should DEFINITELY have in my wardrobe, because if I don’t have a green pencil skirt in my wardrobe what on earth would I wear with my Christmas blouse and green and gold shoes once a year?

Actually the green skirt is a little big now, so it looks a bit too baggy really, so I could probably do with a brand new green pencil skirt that actually fits me. Only this one has pockets, can’t beat a pencil skirt with pockets.

I’m also wearing a holly brooch from Abilu Creations. Which, conveniently, but coincidentally as I didn’t realise till I sat down to edit the pictures, is a handy chance to mention that todays door on the Advent Calendar features £25 to spend at Abilu Creations. You can even spend some of it on that very same Holly brooch if you want!



In my head this one counts as a classy Christmas Outfit. Subtle Candy Cane print, green and gold, what could be classier? I realise, however, that other people might think I’ve come dressed as an Elf.

Still, at least I’m a classy Elf, right?


♥ Blouse – Heyday! ♥ Skirt & Belt – Vintage ♥ Brooch – Abilu Creations* ♥
♥ Shoes – Dessine Moi Une Soulier* ♥