I did tell you my other pair of Christmas Tights weren’t so classy didn’t I? Now here they are to prove it!

These Christmas tights aren’t tastefully colour co-ordinated snowflakes, oh no, there’s Christmas Trees and Santa and Reindeer on my legs, all topped off with a pair of sparkly red shoes.

I’m pretty sure these shoes are going to show up in some more Christmas outfits, because, well, they are red sparkly shoes, why wouldn’t they?

Red Glitter Shoes

Christmas Tights

These tights want to be the focus of an outfit, they’re not going to play second fiddle to a Christmas Jumper, so I teamed them with one of my favourite black vintage dresses.

When I bought this I was told it was 30s, it feels 40s in shape to me, but it certainly wasn’t rationed as it’s all pin tucks and pleats details with a nipped waist and a fabulous full skirt that is amazing for dancing and spinning in. Like really amazing. It’s quite heavy, so doesn’t fly up so far that your pants are on show, but sort of spins out like an umbrella.


Because I couldn’t resist a little more sparkle up top, I also added a snowflake brooch.

I had one of these brooches in orange all the way back in 2010. I wore it pinned to berets a lot, then managed to lose it on a trip to London. I was absolutely gutted as I loved my Christmas brooch, but then someone tracked down the exact same brooch for me on eBay, but in green. So I obviously bought it. Then the following spring I found another green version, but with a stone missing, in a junk box at a bootfair, so I bought that too, because I’m a terrible one for having to buy duplicate vintage items if I spot them.

So I now have 2 snowflake brooches, but neither of them are orange like the original, which is ok, because I like green better anyway.

Snowflake brooch

And that, is the fascinating story behind Day 5’s Christmas outfit.

I can’t promise they’re all going to have gripping stories of lost jewellery, but I can promise there’s plenty more Christmas themed goodness waiting in my wardrobe over the next 7 days!