I love Christmas Eve, it’s that last little bit of anticipation before Christmas. I generally spend a lot of the day cleaning the house in preparation for spending 10 days making a complete mess of it again, before attiring myself in something suitably festive to go to the pub for a drink, then returning home and drinking Mulled Wine by the fire in some sort of unattractive onesie.

Todays suitably festive outfit looks like this.


Avid blog readers with very good memories may recognise this outfit as it was my Christmas Day outfit back in 2013. I did think about wearing the dress differently. But I didn’t want to, I like it like this, so here it is again. Is repeating an outfit another reason I’m going to have my Fashion Blogger card take away I wonder?

If so, then so be it, because this Heyday bauble dress goes so well with my glittery shoes that if I don’t get to wear it at least once every Christmas it would simply be a waste. Heyday don’t have the red bauble dress anymore, but they do have some of the green Holly print ones left in stock that I’ve been eyeing up, except they are now sold out in my size *sob*. Fleur dresses are pretty much Christmas outfit gold as far as I’m concerned, because they are wrap dresses, and therefore very forgiving to a few extra Christmas chocolates!




Another little tradition that Mr Chick and I have developed over the years, is opening one little present each on Christmas Eve. It started mostly because we are impatient and can’t possibly wait another 8 hours before opening any presents. That’s the best thing about being a grown up at Christmas. No one is allowed to tell you what to do. If I want to open all my presents then I darn well can. So ner.

I hope you are all having a pleasant Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is the last day of my 12 days of Christmas Outfits challenge. It’s also Christmas Day, but we don’t let trifles like that interfere with a good outfit post do we? No we don’t, never fear, if you don’t plan to spend Christmas Day reading blogs, it’ll still be here when you get bored of Scrabble!

♦ Bauble Dress – Heyday! ♦ White Tights – I forget ♦ Bangles – Mostly Lady Lucks Boutique
♦Poinsettia Hair Flower – Siofra Connor Millinery ♦ Glitter Shoes – Red or Dead ♦

Christmas Eve!