Today my mind is distracted.

I have started about 5 different blog posts today, and all of them fizzled out after about 2 paragraphs. I have a lot going on at the moment and my brain is feeling scatty and disorganised. I hate it when my brain feels like that. It’s like I have 2 modes. Super efficient and organised dynamo, or totally vacant scatter brain who can’t remember where she left her keys and gets half way upstairs and can’t remember why.


(The picture of the sunflowers is not relevant, but I took it last Sunday, so thought I might as well get some use out of it!)

I decided the easiest thing to do was to witter on about myself for a while. Even scatter brained me can do that. Todays blog post idea is totally nicked from Forever Amber, but that’s ok, because it’s an actual internet thing, and also she suggested other people should join in and answer stupid questions about themselves too. I can’t promise I’m going to do it every Friday. Unless you WANT me to *deafening silence*, but I thought it might be fun for a distracted Friday afternoon.

Now we’ve cleared that up. Todays questions on the Friday Five site were mostly about grape jam and milk and I thought they weren’t very interesting. So instead I scooted back to May and grabbed a lot of questions that are likely not much more interesting to anyone, but at least they weren’t about jam.

So here goes! Feel free to answer any of them yourself in the comments then we can all feel like we know a lot more totally irrelevant information about each other.

1. If you could, would you be a movie star or a rock star?

I have given this possibly unnecessary levels of thought. I am guessing that as a basis of this we are assuming that my skills in acting and music are equal. As it happens my skills in acting and music ARE equal, and they are pretty much zero. Assuming I’m somewhere up in the 8-10 mark on both, on balance, I would like to be a movie star please.

I see the life of a rock star as lots of late nights, travelling on some kind of tour bus and possibly throwing TVs out of windows, which doesn’t sound very me. My assumptions about movie stars are that they live in a big house, work on location, and when they travel get booked into fancy hotels and get big trailers on location. I like the sound of that. I want a personal trainer and nutritionist on call.

2. Have you ever been in the media (TV, Radio, Papers)?

Yes. Multiple times actually. I’m obviously a media whore.

I’m not even counting that time when I was a kid that the local TV came to film me and some friends watching a girl from our school diving in the Olympics.

When I started blogging I wrote a few posts about vanity sizing and the change in dress sizes over the years. Then in 2010 I suddenly started getting emails from newspapers wanting to quote me in articles. I have no idea why it was suddenly a popular topic, but I was featured in the Sunday Times and the Daily Mail, and a few others. Then I did a live radio interview for Irish Radio, and got taxied into a studio up north to appear on a discussion segment on Women’s Hour. It was briefly all very exciting, but made me a bit nervous. Then everyone got bored of it and it went away.

radio 4 womens hour

3. Do you know anyone who’s been on a reality TV show?

My cousin was on Shipwrecked, but I didn’t actually watch more than one episode. I will tell you that I don’t like reality TV, but actually I can get quite obsessed with them. Therefore I pick very carefully which ones I will watch. If I’m going to basically give up my life to watch them, they better be good. I watch the Apprentice, Ru Pauls Drag Race and a few select others occasionally like Gogglebox and that one where people go on Blind Dates.

I know OF people who were on Reality TV shows that I did watch and am kind of connected to by proxy. Lisa Huo from Season 8 of Big Brother is now a plumber and works for the same company I used to work for (did you know one of my first jobs when I left University was assessing drainage damage reports and pricing up recommendations for work? You do now!). Also Eugene from Big Brother 6 shares a house with a friend of mine.

4. Have you ever met anyone famous?

The most in-depth time I have spent with anyone famous was with Claire from Steps (I think that’s her official name now). I filmed a segment for Living TV on Vanity Sizing in which I had to pretend I lived in a London apartment belonging to the producer and make her a cup of herbal tea. It was cut from the final show. Presumably because of my terrible tea making abilities.

claire from steps

I also briefly met Lulu once at the filming of a National Lottery show, oh, and Lulu Guinness showed me her Birdcage handbag at a press show. I think that’s all my claims to fame.

5. Who would play you in a movie?

Drew Barrymore. I decided that when I was about 14 and haven’t changed my mind since.

though Katherine Parkinson (Jen from the IT Crowd) used to get thrown around a lot as my doppelgänger when I had red hair.

Other suggestions are welcome.

And there you have some fascinating facts about me, some of which you might already know if you’ve been reading a while, and others, you may not!

Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope to deal with my scatter brainedness and be able to focus long enough to write my normal world changing articles (stop laughing) soon.