I think it’s time for a Cocktail, don’t you?

Today I have a super simple recipe for a delicious twist on a sour. Normally made with whisky, this one is made with a delicious flavoured vodka, so it’s a lot sweeter, but no less boozy!

Back in mid November I wrote a round-up of pretty much every single “grown up” advent calendar I could find that was still in stock. It amazes me when advent calendars are out of stock by mid November, who are these organised people buying advent calendars in October? Surely they realise the correct day to buy an advent calendar is the 30th November, or more likely, in a panic on the 1st of December.

Anyway, I digress (what a surprise). The point is that in that post I featured the Chase Distillery advent calendar, and in late December they spotted it, and said thank you, which was nice. What was even nicer was that they then sent me a bottle of their Rhubarb Vodka as an even bigger thank you.

I LOVE this stuff. So much so that I drank most of it neat. It’s sweet and boozy, but not too cloying and just gorgeous. Sadly it is all gone now, this stuff is seriously good! I did save just enough to have a go at making a cocktail out of it though, which was just as gorgeous.

I had an idea I wanted to do something with egg whites to give it that delicate frothy top. In my head I thought the pale pink of the vodka would stick around and it would look all cute and pink with a frothy top. In reality it went an off white colour by the time the other ingredients were added, but it still looks beautiful and delicate. It also tastes good, the sweet and sharp flavours complement each other really well, with a sweet kick from the vodka.

Chase Rhubarb vodka can be bought online direct from the Williams Chase distillery.

It is also available online in various places, often slightly cheaper. I found it at John Lewis and the Whisky Exchange.

Rhubarb Vodka Sour

2 shots Chase Rhubarb Vodka
1 shot Lemon juice
1 shot Sugar syrup
Egg white (You can buy this in a carton, or separate a fresh egg!)

Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice.

Shake well and strain into a chilled coupe or martini glass