Morning folks! As you read this I should be standing in the sunshine watching Mr Chick set off on the Norwich Half Marathon. The BBC has been promising me sunshine all week, so there is a chance it will be raining, but hopefully it’s sunshine. I made an attempt to write Mr Chick a training plan this year. I can’t say it was followed to the letter, but you can have a look at how it went over on Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra, and I’ll be updating with the results next week!

One important thing that happened this week is that I reset my phone. I am too tight to shell out for a 32gb iPhone, and therefore periodically it runs out of space and I have to completely restore it. Unfortunately I did not back up my photos, and therefore anything I carefully photographed before Wednesday is lost to the data gods. Still, I didn’t do much exciting at all this week. So it’s no real loss.

This week I……

Watched the Boat Race

As promised in last weeks diary, we spent Sunday afternoon watching the Boat Race and playing our very irresponsible Boat Race Drinking Game. We kept the drinks sensibly small, and it wasn’t as irresponsible as I expected to be honest.

I took photos, they went with the phone update, so imagine a photo of a large jug of bucks fizz with the Boat Race on TV in the background.

Found chocolate in my Sofa

Honestly, I’m not sorry that this photo went with the phone update, as I’m sorry I took it in the first place. It made me gag.

Mr Chick has a stupid charming habit of hiding chocolate and pretending the pixies bought it. The car pixies used to hide chocolate in a little drawer under the passenger seat. Once, about a year ago. I found a bar of chocolate hidden under the cushion of my armchair. At the time I believe I commented on what a foolish place that was to leave chocolate as it would probably melt if left too long.

That’s the background to the story that is about to take place.

On Monday night I casually said something along the lines of “Hmm, I wish I had some chocolate about now”. “Well, maybe the chair pixies have been” said Mr Chick. “I thought the chair pixies had realised that was a stupid place to leave chocolate” I replied. But, in anticipation of chocolate, I stood up and lifted my chair cushion to find…..nothing.

Mr Chick, who apparently has a direct line to the chair pixies, was very surprised and came over to look himself. He stuck his hand down the side of the chair and pulled out not only the bar of Cadburys Oreo chocolate that he the chair pixies had left there, but also 2 Cadburys Creme Eggs.

I say Cadburys Creme Eggs, they were only recognisable as such by small bits of silver wrapping dotted throughout what was now a disgusting matted tube of fondant, chocolate, dust and other assorted debris that ends up in a chair.

Mr Chick does not remember putting the Cadburys Creme Eggs there. This means that either chair pixies are real, or the Cadburys Creme Eggs have potentially been hidden there a VERY long time.

Mr Chick laughed so hard I thought he would stop breathing and made me take a photo. I’m not sad it got lost.

The chair pixies have, I hope, learned a valuable lesson and have rebranded themselves the fridge pixies.

Nursed a bad knee

From anecdotal evidence it seems that most Roller Derby girls are made up of about 60% KT tape at all times.

At the moment it is mostly the turn of my knee. I even took a week off doing any leg things at the gym. It’s slowly improving, and I am developing an excellent line in ways to avoid falling on it at Roller Derby practice.

Got a Haircut

I normally get my hair cut every 2 months, by which point it is already about a week overdue. This time my hairdresser selfishly went on holiday at the exact time I would normally have had my hair cut, so it was a week late. Srsly,  I swear it grew about 3 inches in that week. It was driving me crazy.

But now it is all short again and all is well with the world.

Had a very annoying day

I’ve said before that I’m not very good at preparing blog posts well in advance like I’m supposed to. It’s not normally an issue. Till days like Friday happen.

Currently I am dealing with a very irritating problem while trying to transfer some websites to a new server. The DNS is not resolving properly. I don’t know anything about DNS, and I don’t really understand the sarcastic replies on techy forums to people with similar problems. So on Friday morning I made some attempts to understand that, and around lunch time I gave up and started to finish off a blog post.

Then I got a message reminding me of something I was supposed to do earlier in the week but hadn’t.

It was basically doing some printing. I thought it would take me about 20 minutes and then I could crack on with my day.

It took me 4 hours. Pretty much every single piece of technology in my house, apart from perhaps the microwave, failed me in that time. I was very grumpy and very stressed. I had to go to Tesco and spend £25 on ink cartridges and the whole time I was feeling a bit HULK SMASH. I was having actual fantasies about kicking over a stack of Bacardi bottles by the front door and watching them smash all over the place.

By the time I thought I might finish that blog post I wasn’t really in the mood to write about frocks, and anyway, it was gone 5pm on a Friday night and I wanted to have a bath.

So there was no blog post and I was very irritated.

The bath helped.

Spent a sunny day in a sports hall

As will be my life for the entire Summer. We had a closed door Roller Derby game. I got a fat lip and a wonky nose this time, but it was a great game, and afterwards we at least got to have a pint in the sunshine before we went home to bed.

How was your week?