Today, boys and girls, we’re going to make Rose Gold Shimmer Prosecco!

I do like a nice glass of fizzy wine.

And if there’s one thing I like better than fizzy wine, it’s finding ways to pimp it up. In the past I’ve added Candy Floss and Ice Cream to Prosecco to create snazzy cocktails. But today’s pimped up Prosecco is even easier and totally beautiful.

Rose gold is the colour of the moment. Slightly softer than copper and more pink than regular gold it’s basically obligatory to own at least one thing in Rose Gold, especially if you have a blog or instagram account.

I’d seen videos going around on Facebook of a special powder you could add to Prosecco to make it shimmer rose gold and I thought “I bet I can do that.”

And I was right.

rose gold shimmer prosecco

All you need to make your own rose gold shimmer prosecco is some lustre dust. Often used in cake making, this isn’t glitter. Edible glitters will sink, or sit on the surface of your drink. Lustre dusts have finer particles and can also be mixed with liquid to paint on as cake decorations.

I spent some time in a local cake making shop pondering shimmery colours. Mysteriously none of them contained advice as to whether they would make my Prosecco shimmer or sink to the bottom. In the end I settled on Colour Splash rose gold dust. Lakeland also do a gold edible dust which I pondered for a while as well.

You only need the tiniest amount to make the shimmer. I used about a third of a teaspoon and the shimmer was really strong!

I poured half the glass into another glass, then topped both up, and they were still super shimmery. The shimmer left in the bottom when the glass was finished was also enough to make the next glass shimmery. Basically 1/3 of a teaspoon made a whole bottle of rose gold shimmer prosecco. If you’re only doing a glass you probably just need one of those tiny scoops like they use in science labs.

The bubbles in the Prosecco keep the shimmer moving. If you don’t drink it quick enough, because, for instance, you are taking hundred of photos of your rose gold shimmer prosecco, a quick swizz with a straw perks it up, as you can see here!

I used this Grand Rosé Vino Spumante Extra Dry sparkling wine, which is made using the same method as Prosecco.  was sent to me by Premier Estates to review. Despite being described as extra dry I found it had quite a sweet taste, but not like sweet wine (I hate sweet wine, sorry if you’re a fan.) it was more like a background taste of sweeties. It’s also a beautiful pale pink colour that makes a good background shade to the rose gold shimmer.

This cocktail is so easy, but really striking. Rose gold shimmer prosecco would be a perfect drink to serve at your wedding, or for hen party drinks if you want to bring a bit of glam to your evening!

Frankly I see no reason why I would ever drink anything that isn’t glittery ever again.

how to make rose gold shimmer prosecco