Hello again!

Welcome back for another exciting installment of This Week I….

I promise today’s episode will be packed full of excitingness and glamour*

*Maybe not, but there is a bottle of fizzy wine. Woo hoo!

This week normal service is resumed and I am writing this on my laptop in bed with a coffee. I am writing it rather quickly as I have just realised it is is 9:20am and I promised Mr LLL that I would be ready to leave the house at 10am. Where does the time go?

Today’s plans include Tennis and sitting on the sofa being lazy. I’m very much looking forward to it!

But first, this week I…..

Remembered why I only smile in photos

Remember last week I told you I was on my way to play a British Champs game? Well, we won. It was a toughy, and for the first 15 minutes or so we were behind by 25-30 points. But we managed to pull it back and the final score was 301-181, so we were super happy.

Afterwards there were a couple of group photos. You know when photographers say stupid things like “Say Roller Derby” and everyone shouts “Roller Derby” and then the resulting photo is everyone shouting and cheering happily?

Over the years I have learned not to participate in this ritual and just to pull my smiley face. This time I didn’t. I shouted.

You probably shouldn’t look too closely at my face. Never again.

Won some fizzy wine

And, as if the booze gods wanted to help me celebrate, we also won a bottle of pink fizzy wine in the raffle at the game.

Technically Mr LLL won it, but he took money out of my purse to pay for the raffle tickets, so that’s my wine.

Made a delicious dinner

No really, it was super tasty. I didn’t put the oven on the wrong setting and open the door after 15 minutes to find my home-made tortilla chips looked like this.

Changed my Instagram name. Again.

When I moved away from Retro Chick I spent ages trying to decide what to do with my Instagram account. In the end I renamed it to my own name as I already had an account that I didn’t use often with the name lipsticklettucelycra.

Over the first 2 weeks of July I lost roughly 125 Instagram followers. Most of them when I shared this photo of my (overweight according to BMI in both) belly, talking about how I actually weigh the same in both of them, and that BMI and the scales don’t tell you the whole story.

Then I discovered there WAS a way I could be lipsticklettucelycra on Instagram. So I changed it again. Because I’m a glutton for punishment. I think when people spot a name they don’t recognise suddenly appear in their feed they unfollow. Especially if it’s a photo of that random persons belly.

Also, y’know, if you think you might be interested in following me on Instagram please do pop over and do so. I don’t post many photos of my belly. I promise.

Was attacked by a monster

Ok, it was a spider. And it didn’t attack me, it just crawled out from a pile of clothes in the bedroom rendering me speechless and frozen to the spot.

It was very big.

Mr LLL trapped it under a glass and removed it from the house.

If he hadn’t been there I think I might have had to spend the night in a hotel.

Ate Pie

This was a special treat!

We live on the opposite side of the city than we used to, and there’s a pie shop called Flamin Galah’s that sells the best pie, peas, mash and gravy.

Our friends still live there, and last night Mr LLL helped them put up a shed and then we treated ourselves to pie. It was nice. It had cheese in it.

Enjoyed the sun set

Just because we shouldn’t end the week on pie. Lets end it on the beautiful sun set from our walk home.

How was your week?