Well, this Sunday is looking very different to last Sunday. Where as last Sunday was healthful 10k runs and early starts, this Sunday is all raging hangovers and sleeping till 11am.

I’m planning to include a large amount of junk food in the rest of my day, like, a really large amount. And probably some cheese.

At the moment I am also NEVER DRINKING AGAIN. But we’ll see how long that lasts.

Anyway, before I crack on with my busy day of junk food and junk TV.

This Week I…..

Did some gardening

Mr LLL has an allotment. However, over the last month there has been a LOT going on. Work is busy and we are trying to sort some workshop space out and the poor allotment has been neglected. Then a letter arrived saying we really should sort the allotment out or otherwise we’d get another even sterner letter. So last Sunday we went to make a start on the weeding.

I did some grass cutting with shears. I hate gardening, I’m not all that keen on nature up close and personal. I got mud in my shoes.

So I rewarded myself with some stubby beers and a barbeque.

Walked 17 miles

Personally I find that the best way to recover from a 10k run is to go out delivering leaflets and end up walking 17 miles.

My feet hurt. Everything hurt. I was too tired to even go and look around cute village Churches and that’s TIRED.

Still, I expect it’s good for me and I’m pretty sure I burned off the calories from the entire packet of biscuits I ate.

Had Cake

On Wednesday I went back to the gym after having taken the previous week off to do some actual running to check I still could before the Run Norwich 10k.

I dropped all the weights down but it was still really hard. Feeling weak and feeble I met Mr LLL to walk home, and we decided to stop for coffee. Then they had a special coffee and cake deal and only a fool would turn that down.

I had carrot cake, I’m pretty sure that’s one of my 5-a-day.

While we were in the coffee shop we heard a weird noise and turned around to find an entire months worth of rain falling from the sky. It was insane. We felt very smug for our amazing foresight in stopping to eat cake or otherwise we would have been very, very wet.

Yay us.

Discovered I am not bendy

I say discovered. I already knew that, but I had it bought home to me when on Friday I started learning how to do Olympic lifts with personal trainer Paul Fawcett.

I mean, I can get into the weird bendy arms in the air squat positions. It just takes me a while and it HURTS! So this week I am working on my hip and back flexibility with a vengeance, so that when I have my next session I will be able to totally nail it. Soon I will be throwing weights around like nobodies business.

I am actually really excited to be learning how to do these lifts as I’ve wanted to for a while and I’m hoping they’ll make me stronger, more flexible, and increase my explosive power.

Woke up REALLY early

5:30am is not a time I like to see very often. Or ever if I had my way.

But when you have your final British Champs Roller Derby game in Chelmsford and you have to be there for 9am, 5:30am is the time you have to reluctantly set your alarm for.

I say you, obviously any of you with any sense were still asleep yesterday at 5:30am. I wasn’t.

We were playing Surrey Roller Girls in our last game of the season and we won the game 473-65. Surrey are a lovely friendly team and it was a great game to play. We finished second in our tier this year, which means we are going to Play Offs in Stoke next month to fight for promotion to tier 2.

Over celebrated

The advantage of a breakfast time game was that we were back home by the early evening, twiddling our fingers and wondering what to do with our evening.

So we decided to go out for a drink with a friend of ours to celebrate.

I had fizzy wine, because, y’know. Celebrations.

Then I had beer. This morning I am wondering whether there’s something in that old “wine then beer” thing as I’m not exactly feeling what you would call tickitty boo.

Maybe it was more the whisky chasers that caused that though, who could possibly say.

I did take this astonishingly well composed Instagram worthy photo of my beer though.


How was your week?