When I was in my 20s I happily slipped on the stupidest stiletto heeled pair of impractical pretties and tripped my way out for the evening without a care in the world.

Then there were the middle years that I spent hiding ballet pumps in the bottom of my handbag, or asking my boyfriend to stuff them in his coat pockets so that I could hide round the corner from the pub and change my shoes.

These days I’ve increasingly started just saying sod it and going out in flats. It just seemed ridiculous to walk to my destination in cheap ballet flats. Change into heels. Then sit with my feet under a table all night till I change again to walk home.

I still love a pair of heels for a big night out, or a smart event. I also have a good selection of practical comfortable mid heeled shoes that I wear a lot, but I’m really working on expanding my collection of flat shoes beyond cheap black and nude ballet flats or trainers. I want ballet flats that make a STATEMENT.

Today I have rounded up 8 pairs of amazing ballet pumps that will attract admiring glances and you can wear without secretly wishing you were wearing heels.

1. Katy Perry Bunny Ballet Pumps
Pricey, even in the sale, but AMAZING.

2. Hotter Sylvie Shoes
Basically a perfect pair of autumn flats in ruby red patent leather. Plus their Hotter, so you know they’ll be comfortable and supportive.

3. Dune Leopard Print Ballet Pumps
You can’t miss heels while you’re wearing leopard print flats.

4. Rose Velvet Knot Pumps
Not only are these in that rose pink colour that everyone is crazy over right now. They’re also ridiculously cheap in the sale.

5. Boden Poppy Flats
More of a summery style, but I love the striking red stripes.

6. Irregular Choice Minnie & Daisy Flats
Tropical pineapples, glitter, and Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. What’s not to like?

7. ASOS Lustful Ballet Flats
These have cute sew on badge details, but it’s all on a black base, which makes them totally sensible and practical as well as awesome.

8. Cat Pointed Ballet Flats
And finally, shoes that look like cats. I can’t have a real cat as I’m horribly allergic, but I’m pretty sure I’m ok with shoes that look like cats….