Today I thought I would share a little love and bring you my 5 favourite Instagram accounts, particularly Instagram accounts with a bit of a fitness vibe.

I was particularly pleased with the alliterative nature of the phrase “My 5 Favourite”. In my head I am planning to make “My 5 Favourite” one of those occasional features, so in the future I might bring you “My 5 Favourite Ice Cream Flavours” or “My 5 Favourite Blogs” or “My 5 Favourite Ways to Procrastinate” or, well, you get the idea. This may, or may not, happen. But for now, lets just focus on today’s 5 favourite.

I love Instagram. Despite the whole algorithm thing I still love that little insight into peoples lives it gives you, and I particularly love Instagram Stories for this. It’s like Instagram has 2 sides. The pretty shop window feed, and the slightly more”real” stories. (I’m here, remember you can only see Stories in the app).

I try and keep the number of people I follow in Instagram manageable, so I can actually keep up with them and see their posts, despite whatever the algorithm is doing this week. I do follow a wide range of people. Real life friends, the odd “insta super star”, bloggers I follow and people I just found on instagram and randomly liked the look of. I tend to like “little bit of everything” accounts, those ones where you feel like you are actually getting to know a human being behind the photos and stories.

Todays little favourite 5 selection are accounts I follow where I like their fitness and health content. They’re mostly not the sort of people who look like they somehow manage to take a full professional photography studio to the gym with them (how do they get those photos? This is why I rarely have gym snaps on my feed!), and they’re not necessarily all fitness bloggers, but I hope you’ll find someone in here to inspire you!

Lola Loves Yellow Roses

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Lola Loves Yellow Roses is a natural figure athlete and Power Lifter. I love her feed for its honesty. As a figure athlete she’s been super lean for competition, but she’s honest about how sustainable (or not) that is for everyday, and about how it makes her feel when she’s a little more “fluffy”. I love her weightlifting tips and watching her work on her form makes me think about mine a bit more. Plus, she always looks smiley. I like smiley people.

Fleur Runs

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Fleur Runs is a lawyer, and runner. She’s currently running her way back into a pair of shorts for a holiday in 7 weeks time. I assume she runs with someone else as she often posts lovely photos of herself running, though they’re not so lovely that I suspect the presence of a whole film crew and make up artist, which is what I love about them. Considering how darn red and sweaty and terrifying I look when I’ve been for a run, I don’t really need an Instagram feed full of people who apparently look better than I do when I’m done up for a night out.

Nifty Twist

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I started following Nifty Twist as a vintage gal, and now I love her power lifting and netball posts. See, all the cool vintage gals love sports and lifting heavy things. She still has lovely vintage hair which occasionally makes me jealous and wish I had a sport that involved less helmet wearing.

Squat Bot

Squat Bot is a Manchester based fitness blogger who loves Cross Fit. She’s recently been recovering and dealing with some injuries, including back problems, Mortons Neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis, 3 problems I also have, so watching her come back stronger has been inspiring.

Cakes vs Scales

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Cakes vs Scales is a 30-something from Northampton who lost 4 stone a few years back. She has a little bit of everything approach to fitness, which I love to follow. She runs, walks, lifts, does obstacle races and occasionally eats afternoon tea. She’s currently planning a wedding, so I like the occasional peeks at wedding dresses and wedding stuffs.

And those are my favourite 5 fitness instagram accounts. It took me a while to narrow it down to 5, so maybe I’ll share more another time!

Do you have any favourites I should take a look at?