Today is the first Sunday of Norwich Cocktail Week, which means that I’m currently facing my third night on the cocktails in a row.

Normally it’s about Wednesday when the urge for a cup of tea and an early night finally reaches a head, but at the moment I am soldiering on. It’s a hard life!

This week has been a little stressful. Trying to do all my regular work, plus Cocktail Week work, and then, dealing with a catastrophic and as yet unfixed laptop meltdown on Friday, which is the reason there was no blog post, despite me having taken (and now lost) lots of lovely photos for it.

Still, more details on that later, because this week I….

Got Pugs

Meet Peppa and Waldo. I’ve not wanted to say that we were keeping them, because I wasn’t sure, but it looks like these gorgeous little beasts are living with us permanently now.

It makes me so happy to have dogs in the house, and these 2 are so adorable. I do have the TV a little louder to hear over their little puggy snoring, but I can cope with that!

They have come from some friends of ours who with 2 children and a third on the way just weren’t able to give them the time and attention they deserved. Where as we can spend most of the day rubbing their bellies and playing with soft toys with them.

There are still a few bits to sort out before they are officially ours, but I just couldn’t wait to introduce you!

Went back to the Gym

As I mentioned last week, I took a kind of enforced month long gym break. I sprained my ankle the week before Playoffs, so didn’t go, and then the Gym was shut for refurbishment. On Monday I headed back with a plan, knocked a whole 15kg off my previous squat weight and had a great session in the swanky new Gym.

On Tuesday I could barely walk downstairs. On Wednesday it was worse, so I didn’t go to the gym as planned. By Thursday I could just about move again. Just.

Still, back on it next week, hey?

Went to Wroxham

Several times. We are delivering some leaflets that we do once a quarter, so we headed out there a few days in a row. Nothing exciting happened but Wroxham is really pretty so I just wanted an excuse to share some pretty pictures!

Had a Catastrophic Meltdown

On Friday I got up at 7am to try and get some work done.

I loaded all the photos I had taken the previous day for that days blog post onto my laptop. Then it threw up a random error that had been happening occasionally. It seemed to be related to an application I had installed for my TomTom watch. I restarted my computer to find myself faced with a log in screen without any of my user profiles on it and that wouldn’t accept my username and password.

Since then I have tried numerous things to attempt to recover my files at least, or get the laptop working. I have booted from Linux on a USB, created a recovery drive from another laptop. I have run all sorts of things on the Command line, but all of them just give me new and exciting errors to Google, and I don’t really have time to work it all out right now, what with Cocktail Week.

So, basically, my very expensive laptop is currently a useless heap of metal and plastic, and I am attempting to share a laptop with Mr LLL, who also works from home and needs it, and use my phone.

I’m not thinking about it too much, I might cry.

Drank a lot of Cocktails

It is only Sunday, and I am already on a LOT of cocktails. All of them delicious.

The rest of todays plans include more Cocktails, and potentially crying over my laptop.

How was your week?