Hello! Can’t say Good Morning today as it’s already 1:30. The days just FLOWN by.

We woke up slightly hungover after a Stranger Things binge accompanied by wine, and then took the Pugs for a long run before an exciting trip to Pets at Home to buy poo bags and a squeaky toy shaped like a hot dog.

Right now I am typing on the sofa in front of the TV with a nice cup of tea. So basically my Sunday is shaping up pretty nicely.

Later on we have some friends coming over for our first foray into the world of Dungeons & Dragons. But before that, this week I…..

Had my flu jab

As an asthmatic I get pestered to have my flu jab every year. Every year I think I’m going to be fine and every year I feel like death warmed over for 24 hours after I have it. This year was no exception.

Still, at least I am apparently now protected from 3 different types of flu that are expected to be attempting to kill me this winter.

Dressed up the Pugs

This was inevitable really. Waldo was actually quite fond of his bat covered fleecy jacket. Sadly, although she made a super cute witch, Peppa’s witch dress was a bit too small. So we changed her into a sequin jester ruff and took them for a walk in the park.

There was actually a Pugoween walk in Norwich, but we were too lazy busy to go. Maybe next year.

Ran out of sweets

Trick or Treating has definitely taken off in a big way. For the first 3 years we lived here we had no one. Then suddenly last year we got loads and we had no sweets so spent the evening hiding in the dark.

This year we planned ahead, bought a bucket of sweets and set up a smoke machine so it billowed out of the door when we opened it.

By 6:30 the sweets were all gone and we were back to hiding in the dark. I blame the one kid that tried to take 2 handfuls and gave me an evil look when I stopped him.

British Trick or Treating is very civilised and when we took the Pumpkins out of the window no one else knocked. A quick look out of the window showed it still looked like Lord of the Flies outside.

With no sweets we settled down to watch Ghostbusters II and drink green cocktails with eyeballs in them.

Went back to scrim

After 4 weeks off season, November marks a return to pre-season training for the Norfolk Brawds.

The roster announcement came out this week and I made the A team roster again this season. So Thursday off I went back to scrim to see if I could still remember how to skate.

Thankfully I could. I have to say that at first Roller Derby seemed much harder work than I remembered, but my body soon remembered how this stuff works.

I am REALLY excited for this season, and I have a whole load of things to work on. We were promoted to Tier 2 in September, and later this month we should find out who our opponents will be for 2018.

Got festive

I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to get festive so early. Blame Lisa Angel.

Lisa Angel is a local company who make gorgeous jewellery and homewares. They invited me along to a Christmas Shopping evening on Friday and there was Prosecco and pretty things and I just had this sudden rush of festive joy. The shop was packed and my arms were full so I failed to take many photos as I’m a BAD blogger, but I did get a snap of these flamingo Christmas Tree decorations.

I bought a beautiful pair of hexagonal rose gold hoop earrings, so I’m sure those will show up soon! I also came home with a yummy goodie bag that included a personalised wine glass which is partly to blame for this mornings fuzzy head because I basically only drank wine because I wanted to use the glass.

Got carried away by vintage nightwear

Also on Friday night I’d been invited along as a VIP guest to the Noir vintage nightwear evening with Wake Up Little Susie┬ávintage nightwear. Susie specialises in vintage nightwear for men and women and I’ve bought a couple of pieces from her before. The Noir event was themed loosely around Film Noir, with catwalks showing glamorous peignoirs and floaty chiffon numbers, broken up by a couple of burlesque performances by Ruby Dagger.

My friend Siofra and I enjoyed a glass of bubbly in the gorgeous surroundings at St Giles House hotel.

Then this appeared and my little heart went pitter pat.

I reassured myself that it would not fit as the model was clearly a size 6. But after the show I couldn’t resist a peek.

It was bigger than I thought.

So I tried it on.

It fit.

I now own a dark green chiffon full length night dress and peignoir.

I felt a bit sick because I can’t really afford it and it’s utterly frivolous, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself, and it does make me feel like a Princess.

Take a peek at Wake Up Little Susie if you fancy some Princess nightwear of your very own, she really does know her stuff!

Made the Pugs grumpy

The pugs did not want to go for a walk in the rain, but the pugs refuse to have a wee in the garden, so the Pugs have to go out for a walk whatever the weather. Even if their poor delicate little Puggy feet don’t like wet grass and they look at me so resentfully.

Waldo particularly hates wet grass. This is a Pug that under other circumstances will happily tramp through muddy puddles and wet leaves, but for some reason wet grass is an unsurmountable obstacle that makes him pull a grumpy face and tip toe across it to get treats.

Still cute though.

And that was another week in my life.

How was your week?