Ah yes, I remember now. Janathon starts so optimistically. YAY, I’M RUNNING EVERY DAY!

Then as we start to head to about halfway through it gets SO HARD.


Not the actual run, but the fitting it in every day, and the actually getting yourself out of the door bit.

The day after scrim I always feel super tired, but I woke up this morning feeling like I’d barely slept at all. My arms and legs were aching (stupid push-ups) and, ugh, the thought of running a mile was just SO HARD!

I did it though. I put on my stupidest crazy lady leggings and patterned jacket combo and headed straight out the door.

The run itself was ok. I saw a lady walking her cat (on a lead, it’s adorable), but other than that barely a soul.

It was bright and fresh out and just a bit misty, but it seemed to take me ages to get to 500 points and while I was trying to get my brain light and perky, secretly it was going “Ugh, enough already.”

What else can I say, I wish I had an exciting anecdote from today’s run, but the cat on a lead was it.

I was tired, I was grumpy, I was achy, I didn’t want to run, I did anyway and therefore probably deserve some kind of medal. A nice shiny one on a gold ribbon, failing that, a nice cup of tea will probably do me.