Monday is Olympic lifting day.

Anticipating my watches total dislike of weights I switched it on to walk to the gym, thinking that the walk there and back could maybe make those all important 500 activity points. If I walked quick and went the long way round.

Then about 5 minutes into my walk my phone buzzed and it was a message from my PT saying something had come up and we’d have to reschedule.

Hmmm. I thought.

What should I do now?

Should I walk to my regular gym and do a session? Nah, let’s call Mr LLL and have lunch.

So instead of an hour of Olympic lifting I accidentally ate an avocado and chicken sandwich and some mozzarella sticks.

And I’d only earned 120 points walking to the restaurant.

When we left the restaurant it was raining, like that horrible fine rain that makes you think “oh, it’s only drizzle!” and then leaves you drenched 5 minutes later.

With a sinking feeling I realised that I still had to earn those darn points. The quickest way to do it was to go for a run, rain or no rain. So I ditched my soggy jacket and headed out.

There were 2 things to note about this run.

The first was these leggings. I was sent them to wear for #werunlondon during Junathon 2015 . I absolutely love them. For the gym. They were terrible to run in during #werunlondon and they are terrible to run in now. They literally fall down every 10 steps.

So I ran a mile clutching my leggings at the waistband and occasionally pulling them up on my legs.

Literally couldn’t have been more annoying.

In the rain.

The other thing worth noting is that I stood outside in the rain for a whole 5 minutes before I actually started my run because my GPS wouldn’t connect.

Then I realised that I could have been half way home by now, put it on treadmill setting and headed out anyway.

I don’t know how accurate the pace is, but it’s the heart rate that counts, and I got those 500 points.

Just 2 days to go!