Well, this weeks tales from my exciting life could be very dull for those of you who are visually oriented, because It turns out I only took 3 photos this week, and one of them Mr LLL actually took, and one of the other two is of a cup of coffee. So whilst I may have tales to tell, you’ll have to use the power of your imagination to create vivid pictures of me doing whatever it is that I did.

Which, actually, now I think about it, probably wasn’t that much.

But lets crack on, because its a sunny day and I’d planned some very important napping that has been slightly derailed by it taking us 40 minutes to get out of the car park where I bought a colour changing lightbulb that doesn’t even fit in my light sockets because I’m stupid.

So, with that story out of the way, this week I…..

Went to a Beer Festival

Yes, there is a photo. A very bad one of me sitting in a dark and gloomy doorway in the darkest and gloomiest part of the building in which the CAMRA Winter Ales Festival is held.

It’s the festivals last year in Norwich so we had to go, so on Wednesday afternoon we finished work early and headed into the City. We got in free as we are CAMRA members, then immediately left again as they don’t take cards and we had no cash (IT’S TWENTYNINETEEN PEOPLE!), then we came back again and spent a pleasant afternoon sampling lots of dark beers.

I always order third pints because they pretty much always overfill the glass and I think I get at least a free half pint over the course of an afternoon. Top tip for you there. You’re welcome.

Had an Ill-Advised Curry

Yes, less than a week after I gave a team talk in which I advised avoiding unfamiliar food before a game, I decided to eat unfamiliar food before a game.

In my defence it was 3 days before a game, though it was the day before practice.

I just had a sudden craving for a takeaway curry, which I think it must be at least 2 years since I ordered. So we got one, and I promptly suffered from the worst stomach ache I’ve had in a long time. Which reminded me why I haven’t had curry for 2 years.

I still felt a bit queasy on Thursday, but thankfully I was fine by Saturday .

Got New Espresso Cups

Recently my parents donated their old Dolce Gusto coffee machine to us. So we obviously need new cups so we can make espresso in it.

Here they are. Good story huh? Sure am glad I took THAT photo.

Saved a Slug

The last photo I actually took this week is the one that Mr LLL took on my phone.

We were walking to the shops when he noticed a very confused slug creating exciting patterns on the ground.

He deduced that the slug was dehydrated and with the aid of 3 sticks removed it to a small bowl of water and stones that we have in our garden for thirsty bees.

I am pleased to report that as of this morning the slug was moving and starting to crawl off in search of greenery to munch, so if you live near me and a slug eats your lettuces I am very sorry.

Spent 10 Hours on a Mini Bus

And in an exciting end to my week, yesterday I spent 10 hours on a Mini Bus on a glorious sunny day, to spend 3 hours in a sports hall in Bristol. Ahhh, the life of an amateur athlete.

We travelled all that way to play a tough team in preperation for our coming season, and a tough game it was.

We did not win, but I certainly feel it was a very valuable game for us, teaching us to adapt to some tough tactics.

I also got quite an exciting shoulder bruise, which I have just photographed for you now, so wasn’t included in my original tally of 3 exciting photos. But who DOESN’T want to see photos of my bruises? Really?

And there ends another exciting installment of my life.

How was your week?