Well, last week the apocalypse was impending. This week I think we can say it has arrived, though there are some people who haven’t quite realised it yet.

10 days ago I wrote a post on how to keep safe in the gym, 5 days after that I stopped going altogether and another 5 days after that they are closed.

Social distancing isn’t going to make for hugely exciting weekly updates I’m afraid, but I’ll keep checking in each week and as long as you want to keep reading I’ll be offering an exciting glimpse into me doing absolutely nothing at all.

Fun huh?

Today I have been for a run, marvelled at people queuing to get into Tesco and Aldi and eaten a sandwich. This afternoon I plan to do a bit more Pug snuggling and see if I can order any side plates as for some reason we don’t have any. Exciting huh?

But first, this week I…..

Saw some very old photos

Early on in the week an old school friends Mum bought her some old photos that suddenly turned up on Facebook. That’s me in the white baseball cap circa 1993 performing a choreographed dance to Boom! Shake the Room! On stage at our end of year concert thing. I had no idea photos of this existed.

There’s also this one. Can you spot which one is me!?

Collected a Thermometer

2 weeks ago I ordered a thermometer from Lloyd’s pharmacy as I couldn’t find ours. At that point they were already hard to come by. Now I think I may have bought the last thermometer in the country.

When I got the message it had arrived in store I decided to run down to collect it. The look of shock on the faces of the staff when I burst through the door huffing and puffing was great fun. I reassured them I was not actually dying, and ran home again clutching my prize.

Found a Shrine to Christmas

It was in the woods where we walk the Pugs. Why? I do not know, but it was cute and made me smile.

Went to the Pub for the last time

On Monday the government “strongly advised” people not to go to pubs. The stupidest wooliest piece of advice I have ever heard.

I was worried about how many valuable local community spots were going to end up closing because they were essentially being forced to stay open while customers were being told to stay away.

Tuesday was St Patrick’s Day and we’d planned to stop for a pint of Guinness in our local after we walked the dogs. We decided to try and support them and stay as safe as possible by going very early before there were people in there and sitting outside.

Essentially we got our beer as takeout and drank it way more than 2m away from anyone else. We even took wipes and cleaned down the glasses before and after we drank.

It made me feel really uncomfortable anyway and we made the decision that would definitely be our last visit, so Fridays announcement and the guarantees by the government to cover wages were a relief. I don’t know why they couldn’t have done it earlier.

Filmed a Workout video

Hell, every personal trainer in the world is filming home workouts right now, so why not me?

Actually I filmed this initially for my old Roller Derby league, but I thought I’d stick it up on my IGTV as well. There are 4 circuits of approx 15 minutes each that you can mix and match depending on your time or motivation. All bodyweight, with some adaptations of you happen to have weights or bands at home.

Got (some) of my shopping delivered

For 3 years I’ve been getting my shopping delivered once a fortnight to save money. 2 weeks ago I booked a slot for this week, who could have predicted how things would change?

I was strangely excited to see how much stuff actually turned up. In the end there were a lot of substitutions, but the only things I didn’t get at all were things like kidney beans and pasta.

A quick scavenge in the local corner shop for beans and chick peas means I have enough for the next 2 weeks now.

I couldn’t get my regular fortnightly slot at Sainsbury’s for 2 weeks time, but I did manage to grab one at Tesco. The fortnight after that who knows as they all appear to be fully booked forever now, but 1 day at a time, hey?

Stayed Home

I ordered a case from Virgin Wines. I know. Does that count as panic buying?

I’ve been reducing my drinking drastically lately, but some situations require wine and whisky, right?

So, I hope you’re all well and dealing with this weird old world in which we now live.

Don’t go out in groups, work from home where you can and keep your distance folks. These are scary times and everyone is doing the best they can with the limited information available, try not to judge, even though it’s hard sometimes and remember to keep being kind.

How was your week?