Sunday again?

The weeks are going by both incredibly quickly and incredibly slowly at the moment, and this one more so than most.

I started the week in summer dresses and I’m finishing it under a blanket actually shivering.

This afternoon I will be live streaming the Norwich Black Lives Matter protest. You can find it here and it starts at 2pm. The momentum the campaign has picked up this week is amazing and I’ve spent a lot of time reading, listening, learning and addressing some of my own issues. I hate confrontation so one of the things I have pledged to do is to challenge the racist comments I occasionally come across on social media instead of scrolling by to avoid confrontation, or my normal trick, spending ages crafting a response and then chicken out of the confrontation and deleting it.

But first, this week I….

Actually tidied my dressing room

Many Norwich terraces come with what is laughably called “third bedroom off second bedroom”. It is a small room, only accessed through one of the 2 bedrooms off the top of the stairs. The 3 houses I’ve lived in with this layout, the first had turned it into an upstairs bathroom (irritating if you have guests to stay!), and the other 2 I used it as a dressing room. Essentially an extension of the bedroom to store clothes and shoes.

For months this room has been a total tip. It’s essentially a large cupboard and very easy to just chuck stuff in and shut the door. It got to the point where I didn’t even know where to start sorting it out.

So this week I bit the bullet and removed all the junk from the room and piled it on the bed. There was a lot of it for such a very small room.

Then I got rid of at least 10 empty shoe boxes (why do I have these?) and found houses for other stuff.

I can now get in the room. It is still a work in progress with a lot of junk to get rid of, but none of it is empty shoe boxes now and at least I can actually get in it. Yay me.

Did not get a McDonalds

While everyone else was apparently queuing to get a drive thru McDonalds, I decided it was time to try out that McMuffin recipe they released at the start of lockdown.

I can confirm it tastes EXACTLY like an Egg McMuffin and therefore I never need to go to McDonalds for breakfast again.

I even bought paper to wrap it in.

Had a row with my GP

I think I’ve written about my experiences with the Depo Provera injection on here before.

Depo Provera is a long acting contraceptive injection. I’ve been using it for about 20 years off and on, and consistently for the last 10 years. It’s not just a contraception, it also controls my PMT symptoms. I get emotional and physical symptoms; depression, anxiety, irritability, tiredness and clumsiness. I struggle with pretty simple interactions and misinterpret perfectly well meaning comments. I used to put up with this for a week every month. Thanks to the Depo I now only put up with it for a week in every 10 weeks and pretty mildly. If I wait till the 12 weeks to get the jab I am a useless mess.

Only this time my GP surgery refused to give me the injection and sent me a mini pill as an alternative. Except I take St Johns Wort, which can interfere with the mini pill, but not the Depo. So I called the surgery and the told me I was wrong and that St Johns Wort does affect the Depo, so if I’d been fine with that I’d be fine with the mini pill and still refused to give my injection. This is not true, and trust me, I will be making that known to the surgery because that’s a pretty dangerous thing to get wrong.

Anyway, I was pretty upset. No one was listening to me and my hormonal brain did not deal well.

To cut a long story short, after many phone calls and a minor nervous breakdown I finally managed to get my local iCaSH clinic to agree to give me my injection and now I feel much better.

My blood pressure was high though. Can’t think why…..

Accidentally ordered loads of make up

Actually the accidental ordering happened last week and I forgot all about it.

Mr LLL went out to work in the evening and I stayed home and watched TV with a bottle of wine. During the course of the evening MoneySavingExpert sent me an email. Occasionally these emails contain make up bundles and with a big discount, and I normally decide I absolutely don’t need them as I am sensible.

Only this time I had wine. So I ended up ordering an absurdly huge bundle of make up from Lottie London worth £178 for a measly £30. Then I forgot all about it till it arrived at my door this week and now I’ve spent a jolly few days playing with highlighters and glitter lipsticks.

I regret nothing.

And that was another week in my life in lockdown.

How was your week?