Hello folks, happy Sunday and Happy Fathers Day!

How are you?

I’m very sleepy, because I got up at 2am this morning, but that’s a story for later on in this post. First of all I’m off to the park for a PT session with a client, then I’m spending the rest of the day cooking a delicious roast dinner and doing not an awful lot before getting a VERY early night.

But before that. This week I…..

Went for a Stressful Run

This months goal is a 100k month, so I’m trying to do a longer run each weekend. Especially as I was building up to a 10 mile virtual race yesterday.

So, last Sunday, I planned to do 8 miles. It was hot and I couldn’t go out early like I normally do for assorted life scheduling reasons. So I headed out about 10am and thought I would run down Marriott’s Way.

Marriott’s Way is a woodland path that used to be an old train track. It’s mostly flat with shade from trees that made me think it would be ideal for a run on a hot day.

Folks. I was wrong.

Lovely weather and the easing of lockdown means that the Marriott’s Way is the place that every single person with legs or a bike or, on one occasion, a horse, wants to be on Sunday morning.

It is a fairly narrow path, and apparently no one gives a crap about social distancing anymore.

I spent half of the run stood in bushes trying to avoid people, I must have been within 2m of over 100 people and seen more people in that 90 minutes than I have since March.

I was hot, I was very stressed. It was rubbish.

I did take some pictures of me running for the gram using my timer though, so not all bad….

Drank beer over Zoom

I actually did this twice this week with 2 different groups of friends.

This is what socialising looks like in 2020.

Caused a Thunderstorm

It was hot. I innocently put on my “it’s very hot” playsuit and posted a hilarious photo to my Instagram stories apologising if it started raining.

Within an hour there was an unexpected torrential downpour that many people got caught in.

I’m sorry, ok.

Got very, very hot

Because I might as well bookend the week with incredibly hot runs.

I signed up for a 10 mile race with ISORunClub. It started at 10am on Saturday. If you saw my post earlier this week you’ll know I’m trying out low heart rate running, but I realised very quickly that wasn’t going to happen if I needed to cover 10 miles and finish before dinner time. So instead I adopted a run .25 miles, walk to bring my heart rate back down and then run another .25 miles strategy.

It was hot. At mile 7 I ran out of water, and then my heart rate didn’t go back down under 140 at all, but I finished the run at about 12:15, with just enough time to down a glass of water and head back to spend another hour in the sunshine at a PT session.

I was supposed to have a Zoom Pilates session that evening but instead I was in bed by 9pm feeling a bit dehydrated and headchey. Rock n roll.

Got up at 2am

Though being in bed at 9pm wasn’t such a bad thing, as this morning my alarm went off at 2am.

Today is the Summer Solstice and we made plans for our first socially distanced meet up. We drove to the coast to watch the sun come up on the beach with some friends.

I’ve been awake when the sun has come up before, but I don’t think I’ve ever watched it rise over the sea like that. It was beautiful and well worth the early start.

Plus, I got to see people. REAL PEOPLE. Socially! Even if it was from a distance of 2m, and the Pugs were very excited too.

And that was another week in lockdown life.

How was your week?