Hi there! How’s things?

Are you one of the 13 million people who are currently having to stay home again or is your area still going about business as almost normal?

I’m happy to say after a brief spike in a poultry factory we seem to have settled down again here in Norfolk, but who knows what will happen next in this weirdest of years.

It’s been a busy morning, so my afternoon involves a nap and a takeaway.

After last weeks road trip excitement, this week has been considerably quieter, but I won’t let that stop me telling you about it. This week I…..

Made the most of the sunshine

I love nice autumn days. When the sunshine is softer and less harsh than it is in summer and being outside is a lovely place to be.

This week we made the most of our lovely new bench and spent the evening outside under a blanket not once, but twice it was lovely.

We even got a little fire pit going.

I’m still waiting on the last cushion cover for my bench, so that white cushion in the middle will soon be decorated with an autumnal tartan leaf!

Found a spider in my drink

Srsly. This outside lark is lovely and makes me feel much safer, but I’m not sure I’m liking the wildlife.

On Monday we grabbed an outdoor table at the pub to stop for a drink on the way home from walking the dogs.

I was having a lovely time and was about 3/4 of my way through my pint of beer when I picked it up, glanced down, and found a massive spider staring back at me.

I didn’t take a photo because I was too busy trying not to throw the glass across the road. I have form on this. I once bought myself some nice glasses on a shopping trip, walked up to my front door, glanced down at my hand and saw a spider on the bag and then threw the bag across the garden smashing the glasses to smithereens.

I don’t like spiders ok.

Went for a run

You’ll be pleased to know that after 3 weeks my back injury is finally starting to feel a little better.

I can now put both of the dogs dinner bowls down at once instead of getting down on my knees and putting one down at a time. I can lean over to brush my teeth and I can turn over in bed. Yay!

So I thought I’d try a short run.

Just for the record, it’s not quite better enough for running yet.

It’ll get there!

Ate a whole packet of biscuits

One of the things I treat us too every month is a DegustaBox (that link gives you £3 off your first box and me points towards a free box).It’s like getting a little Christmas hamper of surprises every month and I think it’s great fun.

This months box featured a packet of chocolate biscuits.

I ate one and left the packet in the kitchen so I wouldn’t eat any more.

Except they were so nice I just kept getting up to get another one.

Then somehow they were all gone.

I can recommend these biscuits.

Went for a long walk

I might not be able to run for the time being, but I can still walk.

Yesterday we headed out to the countryside for a 9 mile walk. Rather randomly, about 5 miles in a van drove past us beeping and waving, that turned out to be an old Roller Derby friend of mine, so that was a pleasant surprise.

The weather was glorious, we looked at many churches, ate sandwiches, picked up conkers and got huffed at by a horse.

I find getting out for walks like this really helpful for stilling my mind when it’s racing, so I felt quite calm by Saturday night.

Went back to the gym

And it’s a good job I calmed down, because I’d been feeling a bit tense all week about going back to the gym this weekend.

I’m not hugely comfortable in indoor spaces at the moment. I’m sitting outside if I go to a pub or restaurant and have been doing most of my training outside.

This glorious weather can’t last forever though and this week I headed back to the gym with some of my clients.

My gym is quiet and spacious, and it all felt very safe and clean. It felt nice to back after 6 months!

And that was another fascinating week in my life. How was your week?