Well hello there!

I’m writing this from our bedroom, because that’s where the air con unit is and I strongly disapprove of this horrible weather thank you.

If we could keep it around 22/23 degrees at the most I’d be happy thanks.

Anyway. I’ve been in here watching tennis and sharing strawberries with the pugs, all afternoon. And this is where I will live till it cools down.

But before I moved in here, this week I….

Put some pictures up

I know. Starting strong on the excitement front. The picture in the middle is a print of a stem cell with my “re-birth” date on it my friend Emily got me. The one on the right is a card from one of my clients that I thought was cool. The left hand one came from a Witch Casket.

What should have been a nice simple job was somewhat complicated by the stupid frames I bought from Dunelm.

They look cool, but they are very deep, which means that the little hanger on the backing is about an inch away from the wall. I don’t know who designed them but they should never be allowed to design anything important.

Eventually the problem was solved by Mr Gem drilling little holes in the frames that fitted the picture nails. They wouldn’t survive an earthquake, so fingers crossed.

Went to the pub

I know, but seeing as I didn’t go last week, this week we went twice.

On Monday we went and drank much beer because it was Monday. Which is reason enough.

On Wednesday we went and drank wine on the basis that it was my results day on Thursday and questionable coping mechanisms are my favourite thing.

Was a domestic goddess

I sewed on a button and reinforced the straps on a sun dress. Sewing wise this is domestic goddess for me ok.

I’d been wearing the dungarees with one button like I was pretending to be cool or something for weeks. The dress was also in danger of giving up and embarrassing me in public.

I even bought a new sewing kit because I couldn’t find the old one, which obviously immediately turned up as soon as I bought a new one. For years I’ve been sewing on buttons with kits stolen from hotels. Now I’m grown up enough to have 2 sewing kits, though neither are as cool as the little wicker basket I had when I was little.

Got my blood results

I’m still stable. Yay!

The proteins they measure went down to 1.6, then up to 1.8, which they’ve now been for 2 months, this apparently is stable, and so low that the error range might be to blame for that .2. So that’s good news.

Walked 10k

I’ve run the Run Norwich 10k every year since it started, even the virtual one over lockdown which I did with what I now know was a collapsed vertebrae.

So I signed up for this years in a fit of optimism. However, I am nowhere near as far along as I’d hoped.

I optimistically hoped for 90 minutes, but not having walked more than 3 miles with a nice rest in the middle and only being 1 exhausting week into C25k I had a sudden panic that I might not even manage it in the 2 hours before they start reopening the roads.

So we went out to practice, it was hot, I was tired, and I couldn’t move for 2 days afterwards, but we did a 10k in 2 hours.

Then Mr Gem bought me a pint.

So actually I went to the pub 3 times.

Dyed my hair

I want the blonde back, I’m fed of mousey frizzy Gem.

I even did a patch test for the first time in my life, and when it failed to burst into flames 48 hours later this happened.

It contrasts nicely with my bright red make up free face in this photo, but I love having my hair back.

Went for a picnic

Aware that the impending heatwave will mean I probably won’t want to leave the house for a few days, on Saturday night we decided to have a picnic.

So we walked the dogs in the nice cool shady woods and ate some quiche while Peppa got grumpy and barked at things. It was very nice.

Had a Sunday

And then it’s today. Today we had brunch at a local pub and then I watched Tennis and ate drank pink wine.

It’s been very nice.

And that, my gorgeous chickadees, is another exciting week in my life.

Now I’m off to stretch out the aches I still have from Thursday.

How was your week?