So. Retro Chick has taken the decision to start a vintage fashion blog.

I can share exciting tips and bargains. Point out great new things in my shop and probably no one will read it.

I took the decision to jump off the corporate ladder, where I had made it as far as about the second rung, and start my own business in November 2007.

Currently trading on Ebay I’m in the midst of looking to start my own website with the hope of eventually having a real bricks and mortar shop. Starting a new retail business in the midst of a massive credit crunch might not sound bright, but hey, who can see the future?!

I love looking for bargains. I love fashion, but I don’t feel that I need to own the latest must have bag or pair of shoes, and if I liked them last year I probably still like them now.

Forever on a shoestring, hunting out bargains is a bit of an obsession, and I always found Ebay the best place to start, things that other people miss whilst browsing that go unsold and unloved makes me sad. All lovely things deserve to be loved and worn and shown off, so I decided why restrict myself to the stuff that comes in my size?

So now I sell vintage and pre owned clothing. I love vintage style, but I believe everything has merit if you have the imagination and style to look for it, and making people see that potential is great fun.

Belts, bangles and beads can turn the most unlikely thing into a new favourite. Put that hideous lycra mini dress over wide leg trousers and belt it in with a cinch belt and all of a sudden it’s a fantastic new retro top.

So far I’m loving it, slow times and all.

So I guess that’s it for blog number one.

More soon!