I’ve been away for a mini break in the UK over the last few days, did anyone miss me? The weather was gorgeous and it’s always lovely to escape your normal life for a while for a few days by the sea side or in the country.

As it happens I did both, spending a night in the lovely Weald of Kent, where I grew up, before heading down to the south coast.

Finally an opportunity to wear some favourite summer outfits as the summer has been patchy so far this year!

An evening walk in the park before dinner means I got use out of my LBD, teamed with skull print peep toes and a vintage belt.

retro chick bob
A countryside picnic meant an opportunity to channel my inner Julie Andrews with a very old favourite, I’ve had this pale blue striped cotton 50s style halter neck for 2 years now! Princess Anne eat your heart out!

Retro Chick 50s Dress
My trip
to the seaside produced some great new finds for Retro Chick stock (I never stop working, me!) and also a valuable lesson

Two fantastic plaid 60s Shifts, ideal for Autumn Winter 2008

A beautiful 1970s black pleated formal dress with diamante buttons

And a vintage Horrockses Fashions seersucker summer dress