Hat – Millets
Polo Neck – Next
Jacket – Monsoon (from a Charity Shop)
Boot Cut Jeans – Primark
Studded Belt – Primark
Boots – Faith

Gloves – Harrods

It snowed this weekend, which was a refreshing and unsual change. It always gives me a holiday feeling when it snows, though as usual in the UK 4 inches of snow equals a blizzard and everything grinds to a full stop.

Clothing wise snow presents a certain style challenge. It’s tempting to just dress up all cosy and look like an eskimo, and footwear always presents a particular challenge for me as I seem to have distinct shortage of waterproof shoes. I went for sensible black boots with a chunky “I don’t want to slip and land in a puddle” heels, they did turn out to be less waterproof than I thought they were though, which to be fair wasn’t that surprising seeing as they are 7 years old. This cute 50s style Monsoon coat is a recent charity shop acquisition and my gloves were a gift, they’re from Harrods!

I quite enjoyed kicking around in the snow, way more than the hailstorm I got caught in this morning anyway!