It’s been a busy busy hectic few days for me, and the next few don’t look like getting any less so, it’s that time of year for Christmas parties and family and social obligations.

But since I saw Jennine at the Coveted make this fantastic necklace out of a laser cut Christmas ornament I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Christmas jewellery. I’ve been dreaming nostalgically of the last day of term and the Carol Concert when we’d wear Christmas tree baubles as earrings and tinsel in out hair.

So I was looking at my own Christmas ornaments. I loved the look of the white laser cut wood, and I have some of my own laser cut ornaments I picked up in Prague on my Honeymoon.

I tried them on a necklace, but being inside a star they looked a little too religious for my taste. So I got crafty.

I decided that I’m far less classy and no where near as cool as The Coveted and Kingdom of Style and if I’m going to wear Christmas decorations I might as well go all out and string Santa and all his reindeer round my neck. SO I snipped him out of his star, super glued on a silver ring and strung it on a chain. It’s cheesy, and I can only wear it for 2 weeks of the year, but I love it.

I like it because it’s fairly small, so from a distance it’s subtle, but it gives me that end of school IT’S CHHHRRRIIIISTMAAASSSS feeling. In fact I like it so much I’m planning to wear it with my party frock on Saturday.