I’m pretty much a skirt kind of girl.

Always have been.

But when the weather gets chilly you can’t do black opaques every day so trousers are a necessity.


I have a few pairs that I don’t really like wearing very much, I just don’t find them flattering. Then I found this vintage pair in a Charity Shop a few weeks back. And I really love them. The high waist seems much more flattering to my shape than the normal hipster type trousers you buy.

I think I have to call them slacks instead of trousers, they’ve got a louche 1930s or 40s vibe to them (though they’re definitely later than that). I imagine that kind of jolly hockey sticks woman you get in films wearing them, the one with the slightly lesbian undertones who wears a tuxedo to dinner instead of an evening dress and smokes cigars.

I love wearing them with my heeled lace up brogues and this off the shoulder jumper I feel like an off duty 40s film star, even if I don’t look like one jumping around on hotel room beds to try and take pictures of my outfit.

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Top - River Island circa 2001
Leather Belt - Vintage from Charity Shop
Trousers - Vintage from Charity Shop