So, it’s 4pm on Saturday afternoon, you’re planning an evening in, and suddenly someone invites you to the Halloween party to end all Halloween parties.

You need a costume, like, stat.

Alternatively, you may just be a lazy bum who can’t really be bothered to do anything as complicated as buying a witches hat.

If either of these sound like you then here’s 4 costumes that take little or no preparation (just be prepared to spend all evening explaining that you ARE in costume)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Jeans, boots, a jumper and a leather jacket. Even you can manage this surely? If you’re a little more energetic/resourceful or the shops are still open then the addition of a stake/crossbow/weapon would be good. If not, well, even Buffy has downtime right?

A Werewolf

Full Moon isn’t till the 2nd November, the rest of the time Werwolves look just like you and me. This doesn’t really need a picture does it?

For extra authenticity paint a dog bite on your arm with lipstick, or get one of those stick on bites.

The Blair Witch Project


Remember the Blair With Project? Pretend you’re going camping and get yourself a rucksack and a hat. Slightly more energetic additions include a video camera and one of those freaky little people made out of sticks.

A Burglar


Black trousers, a black top, soft soled shoes and a black hat. Oooh are you out on the rob?

Energetic options include painting the word “swag” on a pillowcase and filling it with stuff.

Header image by Foxtongue