I’ve been given three awards recently by other bloggers, so I thought it would be nice to throw my own little awards ceremony.

Behold my superior photo shop skills. (You’d never know it wasn’t real, right?)

Firstly The Maddy Chronicles has passed on this award.

Secondly both Rhona from Rose Tinted Uncertainty and Karen from Bobbins & Bombshells have given me the Sunshine Blog Award, which is nice as I don’t feel very sunshiney at the moment.

And finally Bobbins & Bombshells also gave the “You’re Going Places, Baby” award.

I’m actually really touched at this. No one has ever given me a blog award before and now 3 come along at once *shucks*

All 3 awards come with instructions to pick 10 bloggers to pass them on to (and let them know, obviously). So here is my 10 (and I didn’t realise what a struggle it would be to pick just 10, I had no idea I read that many blogs I love!)

Dramatis Personae

Emma Peelpants

Style Symmetry

Wicked Whimsy

The Enchanted Hunters

Rarely Wears Lipstick

Oranges and Apples


Pink Bow

White Rabbit

You should all feel free to use whatever award image you fancy the look of, or not, as the urge takes you!

The Sunshine Award also comes with instructions to think of 10 things that make me happy. So I made a little collage on Polyvore. I think that about covers it!