When I did yesterdays post on shades of Spring the first thing I thought of was this….

In my wardrobe I have 3 “pashmina style” scarves (of varying degrees of age, as you can see from the bobbles) in pink, green and blue, as well as some green shoes and a pale yellow flower.

Trying to put together an outfit with these shades was a little harder though. I do have some lovely green dresses, but I wear them a lot and the whole point of this exercise was to wear put together an outfit that’s a bit different from usual and get me out of my comfort zone.

In the end I tried a couple. The first one used a blossom pink dress I wore a few weeks ago. When I posted about this originally someone (anonymously) commented that it made me look much larger than I am so I’ve been a bit wary about wearing it again, let alone posting it. In the end, though, I thought “Sod it” and did it anyway.

The second outfit is a pale green shirt dress that I also rarely wear. I actually quite like it, though I think I prefer it with a more rigid belt to define my waist more. I don’t know why it never gets worn, I just never seem to be in the mood.

I was going to go and play outside with the daffodils for these pictures, but the weather isn’t quite playing ball and I thought we’d had enough of my amateur photoshopping skills recently

I have a couple of exciting hair tutorials in the middle of being edited for my You Tube channel, so that’s how I plan to spend the rest of this almost spring like day. Oh, and a trip to the Post Office. Be still my beating heart.

What do you have planned?