In Mondays outfit post I had a victory roll style fringe going on.

Like this:

It’s one of a variety of ways I have of stopping my fringe flopping in my face and looking like I made a bit of an effort. It’s really sturdy once it’s in and I actually slept with it in over the weekend and it hadn’t shifted at all by morning.

I attribute most of that to Tresemme Freeze Hold hairspray, which is amazing. It holds hair so well it doesn’t budge even in pretty strong winds (I’m talking a trip to the beach in March), but also seems to brush out like magic. I love it and using it as a styling tool as well as a finishing spray means even my fine hair is manageable.

I normally roll it slightly looser than in the video, which gives a fringe roll that is further down the forehead, like in the pictures above. Trying to make sure what you’re doing is visible on camera AND watch what you’re doing in the mirror can be a tricky business!

Anyway, it’s just a short video, but it pretty much speaks for itself, and you get to see my Bagpuss in the background.