Retro Chick has new specs….

You might not have even known I wear glasses, I’ve only posted photos of myself in glasses three times in two years. I normally wear contact lenses, the kind you sleep in for a month before changing them and I’d let my glasses prescription get really out of date.

That, however, wasn’t the motivation behind new glasses. The motivation was the fact that a screw fell out of my old pair, I lost it, and then I tried to carry out an emergency repair using superglue which led to lenses covered in superglue.

There, I hope that gives you a little insight into my general level of competence in these areas.

I went for a heavier frame this time. You can see more clearly in these pictures that they are layered in 3 different colours, which I really like.

Recently my style has been going in a more vintagey direction. I’ve been wearing red lips, fringe rolls and vintage style dresses a lot and I thought these frames were retro enough to go with that look. That doesn’t mean I don’t  reserve the right to decide to be a rock chick next week, or sometimes just be plain old me, and I thought these frames were just flexible enough to fit in with who ever I decide to be this week.

Plus, in these pictures you get the amusing sight of me with a ceiling fan growing out of my head. I think it’s rather fetching, I may get a hat made.

The hair flower in the top pictures and the tea cup necklace above were part of a trade I did with AbiLu Creations for some advertising. I discovered AbiLu Creations last year when I ran a giveaway with her and not only does she make lovely jewellery, but she’s pretty lovely herself.

The flower is the Burlesque Beauty Purple Lily and it’s a bargain at just £5 while the tea cup necklace is £10, AND till the end of April you can use the code SPRINGCHICK to get a 10% discount!

While I’m indulging in some shameless promotion of a brand I love I’ll also tell you that she’d running a giveaway on her Facebook page , so become a fan and you could get your hand on some of her lovely pieces for freeeeee.

So, what do you think of Speccy Chick?