I first saw this on Va Voom Vintage back on the 1st June and thought it was so lovely.

It’s so easy to look at yourself in the mirror and list the things you hate, but when asked to list 5 things about yourself you love, well, personally my mind immediately draws a blank.

So far the challenge has been taken up by (among others) Welcome to Deluxville, In The Heyday, Kiss Me Kate, and Annie Pancake

No one tagged me (Maybe no one is envious of anything about me!) but exactly a month later (happy July, by the way) I’ve decided to take up that challenge, I’m feeling a little down in the dumps about life, my figure and anything else I can think of today so maybe it’ll cheer me up and drag me out of my doldrums.

The challenge:

Love yourself for who you are and what you really look like under all of those vintage clothes. Pick out 5 things about yourself that you think are beautiful and post them on your blog, facebook, whatever. Then, pick 5 other people in blogland and post one thing about that person that you love (and really envy them for!)

  1. My Figure.

    I’ve been 3 stone heavier and 2 stone lighter, but I’ve always been an hourglass (ok, verging on pear) I go in, in the middle and my waist is a lot smaller than my hips, meaning I often don’t look as big as I am. For years I hated that I found it so difficult to buy things like jeans, pencil skirts and fitted dresses on the High Street, but discovering that vintage clothes fit my shape has made me accept it, and even love it.

  2. My Skin.

    It has it’s problems, like anyone’s, but I like my pinky English Rose skin tone, and the fact that I don’t burn at the slightest sight of sun is another blessing, though sometimes I’d like to tan less quickly too!

  3. My Eyes.

    I like that they’re green, it’s a striking colour and my eyelashes are long (but fair, we can’t have everything!)

  4. My Lips.

    They’re full, but not too full, and well shaped.

  5. My Smile.

    People have said nice things about my smile, mostly old ladies in nursing homes, and I like that my smile can make other people happy too.

And now, resisting the sudden urge to write a (longer) list of things I hate. Here are the 5 bloggers I love (and envy just a little teeny bit)

  • Fleur De Guerre for being so elegant and statuesque. I would love to be so tall and shapely. Plus I envy her modelling skills!
Photo by Loulou ❤

  • Alisha from Vintage, My Love for being so dainty and delicate. I’ve always wanted to be delicate, but it’s never going to happen!

There are so many bloggers I admire on my reader that it was pretty difficult to pick just 5. If you’re reading you should take up the challenge yourself. It not only makes you realise there ARE good things about you, but also really brings home how ingrained it is in us to focus on the negative and not be “big headed” by blowing our own trumpets.

Well sod it.

We’re ALL Fabulous!

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