I like that title, it sounds a bit like a detective novel, except it makes no sense.

I thought I would entertain you with some photos of my hair. Aren’t you lucky. More accurately this is about a middy hair cut.

You might have heard of a middy. It was a popular style in the 40s. Heavily layered, with an elongated U shaped bottom and steeply slanting sides that meant, once hair was curled, it settled conveniently into beautiful 40s style layered waves.

I finally faced up to the fact that the only time I ever wear my hair down is when it’s set and decided to try and persuade a hair dresser to cut my hair into a middy. I went along to Flint Hair, which I shall tell you more about in a few weeks as I’m going to run a little feature in November with an exciting special offer for those of you that are reading in Norwich!

So. Before hair cut. I had very frizzy ends and it was far too long for my liking. You’ll also notice that although I have a little shaping and layering around the face it’s mostly square edged.

After cutting, but still straight you can clearly see the slant at the side of the hair and the curved line at the back.

middy hair cut

A classic middy hair cut is 4″ long all over. I’ve modified mine to be slightly longer, it measures about 7″ at the back and 6″ around the face as I wasn’t sure exactly how short it would go after setting. Having experimented I might even go a little shorter next time.

Last night I tried out a set. It was a slightly half hearted set as it was very late at night and I’d spent all day in a car, but I’m still pretty pleased with how it turned out this morning.

middy cut with curls

I still have a little frizz, but I tend to find it almost impossible to rid a first day set of frizz. I put my hair at night into a few large barrel pin curls standing up from my head, using a very tiny amount of serum and I normally find that days 2 and 3 are far smoother. We shall see!

You can clearly see how the layering and the heavy slant at the front makes the curls sit in that smooth line.

What do you think of the modified middy?