Suffice to say I still haven’t decided on Halloween costume.

Now, however, I am overwhelmed instead of underwhelmed with ideas. This is classic me. I shall spend 2 weeks brainstorming wonderful elaborate ideas, do nothing about them, then get my witches hat with the feather trim out of the attic or stick on a pair of cat ears. *sigh*

My problem is I’m too darn fussy. This means if I decide to go dressed as a greek goddess I’ll never be happy with wrapping myself in a sheet, oh no, I will immediately start the search for an authentic greek toga, possibly woven from the wool from mythical sheep. When I can’t find one for under £10 I shall then become disillusioned and give up. Seriously. If you’d seen how grumpy I was that my Nurses outfit on NYE didn’t look EXACTLY like the ones in Carry on Nurse you’d realise what an epic task I set myself every time I do fancy dress.

If you’re still looking for ideas I thought I’d round up some of the ideas you’ve come up with, and those that I’ve come up with and issue a little verdict to narrow it down. This is partly for my benefit, to get my ideas straight, and partly for yours!

  • The Stepford Wife

This was one of my suggestions from last years non scary Halloween Costumes post. I still like it, but have disregarded it on the basis that dressed as the perfect 50s housewife at a vintage Halloween event might just look like I went in my normal clothes. Plus I can’t be bothered to bake cup cakes.

Verdict: Probably not this year

  • The Anti Vampire Protester

An idea suggested by Miss Minna from Red Legs in Soho, this is almost a variation on the Stepford Wife, but with the advantage of having a large placard stating “God Hates Fangs” to distinguish it from just wearing a nice vintage frock.

Verdict: A possibility

  • Medusa

Indirectly suggested by Ang from Dorothea’s Closet who pointed me in the direction of Madame Yevonde’s Goddess Portraits.

Wearing a lovely dress and weaving plastic snakes into my hair seems to fit the bill. Really I’d like to do this with a beautiful full length flowing satin gown, but I don’t have one of those. So I’ll have to go through my wardrobe to see what I do have.

Verdict: Love, love, love the idea. Time to play and see if I can make it work

  • A Cat in a Dress

A suggestion from Fashion Limbo to wear cat ears and nose and a beautiful evening dress.

I like this idea, but in my head I envisage it as more a full on cat head than just a pair of ears and some black eyeliner on my face. I feel that Claires Accessories sequin cat ears aren’t going to cut it in the surrealist stakes.

Verdict: Only if I can complete the “cat head” look to my satisfaction

  • Absinthe Fairy/Witch

A suggestion from the lovely Lottie Loves. Particularly fitting because of the free absinthe being provided for part of the evening.

I love green, but the only green evening dress I have is my Vivien of Holloway dress that is *ahem* a little tight presently.

Verdict: If I can find a suitable green dress on short notice then definitely

  • Edith Cavell

Charly from Landgirl 1980 suggested a WWI nurse, and I took the leap to Edith Cavell. Edith Cavell was a WWI nurse, who was eventually shot by the Germans for helping Allied Soldiers to freedom. She was also from Norfolk, giving me a nice local connection.

I’m thinking high necked white blouse, long black skirt, lace up boots and a white apron with a red cross. As Edith Cavell was executed by firing squad a smattering of fake bullet wounds would add the finishing touch. Sounds simple, but my wardrobe leans more towards the mid 20th Century, being full of pencil skirts, fitted jumpers, collared blouses and full skirted dresses. I don’t own any of the nice “simple” things needed to put this outfit together.

Verdict: Love the idea, and simple if you have the required ingredients.

  • A Man Ray photograph

This is one of my nice simple ideas I came up with initially before thinking about it too long and deciding I should do something else. But it’s still there in the back of my head.

Man Ray was connected to the surrealist movement and working around the 1930s, so fits in nicely with the evenings theme. Buying some glass or crystal stones or beads and sticking them to my face, along with some false eyelashes should give me the look of this famous Man Ray photograph

Verdict: Simple, but a bit boring, no? Still a possibility however, as time is getting on!

  • Amelia Earhart

Suggested by Shoe Tease on Twitter. A fabulous idea. To do this one would need a pair of jodhpurs, flying jacket, goggles and a white scarf. Much like the Edith Cavell idea I own none of these things and obtaining them cheaply on short notice isn’t going to be easy.

Verdict: Not on short notice!

So, those are my collection of costume suggestions. If I forgot any of them I’m sorry! Currently I think I’m leaning towards Man Ray or Medusa.

Which is YOUR favourite idea?